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What’s The Best Time To Buy Furniture?

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on – it’s that furniture is expensive.

So, we all want to get the best deals on furniture shopping that we can get.

Particularly, when we invest in new furniture.

But is there a best time to buy furniture that gives us the best prices without compromising on quality?

Well, we think that there is but it depends on the type of furniture you want to buy.

What’s The Best Time To Buy Indoor Furniture?

The best time to purchase indoor furniture is towards the end of winter or the end of summer.

Why? Well, retailers tend to hold Winter sales and Summer sales and they do this to clear out furniture styles before they are replaced with new ones by the manufacturer.

Watch out for the best discounts on indoor furniture on Labor Day weekend and in President’s day sales.

What’s The Best Time To Buy Outdoor Furniture?

New outdoor furniture, on the other hand, is in high demand in the spring and early summer. That means you want to wait until the end of the summer or even the early fall before you shell out for outdoor furniture.

That’s because demand for new furniture such as patio furniture, falls dramatically at this point and stores start to dump their stock so they can stock up on more Winter-appropriate lines.

Watch out for sales on the fourth of July weekend and on Labor Day to get your best deals from furniture stores and many retailers with large stocks of outdoor items.

What’s The Best Time To Buy Office Furniture?

Oddly, the best time to get office furniture is the time when you are most likely to want to buy it. Labor Day.

Why? Well, this is the time that back-to-school sales start, and retailers are clearing out old stock to bring in new styles in October.

So, get out and start your bargain hunt in September and your office can be furnished for a comparative song.

Online retailers will also be looking at new furniture styles around the time of the back-to-school season and if you shop online, you can get great deals on filing cabinets, desks, etc. as long as you’re OK with last year’s models (and you should be, it’s not like new models will impress guests more than older ones and it’s the only way to get a good deal).

Other Good Time To Buy Furniture

There are also three other times of the year when you might find the best price in a great sale according to our interior designer friends.

Amazon Prime Day

Of course, to benefit from Amazon prime day, you’ll need to be a Prime member before you start shopping but we’ve found it’s easy to make a big purchase with deep discounts on this day and without having to brave the throngs on retail floors to do so.

If you have a good credit history, then Amazon also offers excellent financing packages on all purchases including furniture items and that can make already steep discounts go even further.

This day typically takes place in June/July though it can run later in the year sometimes (the pandemic pushed it out to October 2020, for example).

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Then, of course, there are the two biggest shopping days in America – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Unlike Presidents day weekend when they sell stuff off cheap to clear space, on these days retailers are competing on the showroom floor (or online) to mop up as much business in a single day as they can handle.

And one thing we like about this is that they tend to advertise discounts up to a month in advance which makes sorting out that new dining table or patio set really easy.

Specific Retailer Sales

And finally, if there’s a specific retailer that you really want to buy a piece from – keep an eye on their store or website.

Many retailers will have their own unique sales for you to take advantage of during the year too and not just on holiday weekends.

Final Thoughts On Buying Furniture At The Right Time

From dining room furniture to patio furniture, there’s always a good time to buy and smart furniture buyers make use of those times to get the right deals.

And if you want some ideas for brands to watch, may we recommend the best online furniture stores, the best online lighting stores, and the best online sofa stores too?