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Urban Homesteading Ideas For Newbies

It’s OK for other people to be self-sufficient but you’re busy and how are you supposed to fit more work into your life? 

We’ve been there and the answer is – to do easy things that make life better without taking up too much time. 

That’s where our urban homesteading ideas will take you, to activities with high-payouts for low effort. 

10 Easy To Implement Urban Homesteading Ideas

Hang Up Your Clothes To Dry

It takes no time at all. 

Either use a clothesline or a drying rack and some clothes pins. 

Hang Up Your Clothes To Dry

Your clothes will smell better and you’ll eliminate the use of the tumble dryer, saving money in the process. 

Make Your Own Green Cleaning Fluid

You need: a spray bottle, white vinegar and water. 

Mix white vinegar and water in equal parts and then pour into the spray bottle. 

Hey presto! You now have a 100% eco-friendly and very low cost green cleaner. 

Spray it on, wipe it off.

Use Public Transport Or Walk

If you live in a city, then you don’t need a car. 

Cars cost a ton of money in maintenance and insurance and gas costs.

Public Transport

Whereas walking is free and public transport is cheap. 

You also get to meet a lot of interesting people when you exist outside of a steel bubble. 

Start Composting

Composting uses up your food waste efficiently and takes absolutely no time at all.

Set up the composting bin and from there on, add the food waste you generate (with some exceptions – see our apartment composting guide here for details). 

Then you’ve got lots of lovely compost to use for our next tip.

Grow Some Vegetables And/Or Herbs

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or have any outdoor space to grow veggies and/or herbs.


For example, you could start an indoor vertical garden or if you have a bit more room get into urban farming

If you choose low-effort, low-maintenance crops, you won’t spend more than an hour a week on making your own tasty food!

Share Your Wealth 

You don’t need your own lawnmower, for example. 

Why buy a lawnmower that will spend most of its time sitting in a shed, unused?

You could share a lawnmower with the rest of your community, instead. 

If everyone chipped in a few bucks, you’d soon have a lawnmower that everyone could use.

You’d all save money and you’d all have cut grass.

Use your imagination, what other assets could be shared rather than owned? 

Go talk to your neighbors about this and get it done.

Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

It doesn’t get faster and easier than not doing something. 

Stop browsing online stores, stop spending your leisure time in the mall, stop looking for things to buy. 

And then, not buying things you don’t need is easy. 

You work hard for your money, why fritter it away on something else that will sit at the back of the closet?

Enjoy time with friends and family, instead. 

Use Alternative Energy

You can now buy a Tesla Powerwall in most states and get paid by the electricity company for the energy you generate!

Tesla Powerwall

There’s never been a better time to switch to solar energy. 

Harvest Rainwater

First, do a quick Google search to make sure this is legal in your state as some places have restrictions on rainwater collection. 

Assuming that it is, you need a big plastic barrel. 

Place it outside and let it rain, aim the drainage from your roof at the barrel. 

Free water!

And yes, if you filter it properly, you can even use it for drinking water. 

Buy Local

If you do have to buy things because you can’t grow enough food, for example, to live on just that.

Farmer’s Market

Buy local products, go to a farmer’s market, a craft fair, an artisan grocer or cheesemaker in your town and buy from them. 

This reduces the mileage that products travel to get to your front door and it helps you build up a relationship with the food that your land can produce. 

Final Thoughts On Urban Homesteading Ideas

So, there you have it. 

Urban Homesteading doesn’t need to be hard, it doesn’t need to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t need to be time consuming. 

Everyone can implement the ten tips above into their lives without breaking the bank and live more self-sufficiently. 

It’s easy when you know how.