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Guide to 17 Common Types of Couches

Every home needs a sofa or a couch, it’s the place to chill out after a long hard day at work or to enjoy a movie with the family, while sitting on it.

But there are an amazing number of different couch types out there, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Our guide to the types of couches makes it easy to decide on the perfect coach for your home. 

The 17 Most Common Types Of Couches

Whether you’re buying a brand new couch from our favorite online furniture stores or a second hand one from the best secondhand furniture stores online, you’re likely to encounter all 17 of these couch types at some point or another. 

Modular Couches

A modular couch is simply a couch that comes in multiple sections that can be rearranged as you see fit (though they’re often intended for an L-shape or a U-shape) or used separately. 

The big advantage of this arrangement is, of course, flexibility in how you arrange your living space at any given moment. 

Sectional Couches

The section couch is a similar beast to the modular couch but it only has a set number of arrangements rather than unlimited possibilities. 

And unlike a modular couch, you can’t normally add pieces to a sectional couch after it’s been purchased. 

The Lawson Sofa

The Lawson was originally made for Thomas Lawson, a wealthy financier. 

The back cushions are easy to detach on a Lawson couch and the seat depth tends to be equal to the sofa back’s height, this makes it ideal for taking a nap on. 

The Chesterfield

The rolled arms at the height of the back and the deep-buttons in the upholstery and distinct trim make a Chesterfield sofa instantly recognizable. 

It’s a statement of elegance and refinement to own a Chesterfield sofa in leather. 


A classic “couples” sofa that’s for small spaces, the Loveseat is just a couch designed for two people of a maximum 6 feet in length.

They look great but may be too small for a family home. 

Sofa Beds/Convertible Sofas

There should be no real confusion about these couches, they can convert into beds when they’re not being used as a sofa. 

They’re ideal if you don’t have a guest room in the house but anticipate the need to house a guest every now and again. 

The Low-Seated Sofa

As the name suggests, this kind of sofa has a lower seat than on any other kind of safe and will be less than 17” from the floor. 

The Camelback

The back on a camelback is curved, like a camel’s hump, and occasionally like two camel’s humps, they’re a nice way to break with the traditional straight lines of sofas. 

The Bridgewater

A casual sofa with a very low profile and the arms are always set back from the front of the sofa and you can expect the cushions to be loose and removable on a Bridgewater sofa. 

The Tuxedo

An Art Deco-era invention, the Tuxedo was named after Tuxedo Park in New York. 

They have high arms that come up to the sofa back and these rise higher than on most other sofas, if you’re looking for something formal, this might be it. 

The Cabriole Couch

The Cabriole is a curving couch which is typically mounted on wooden legs, which are also curved. 

This ornate style won’t work in all spaces but it is very distinctive. 

The Track Arm Sofa

The Track Arm sofa has a modern look to it which entails straight and square sofa arms.

This leads to the Track Arm sofa being ideal for smaller rooms as it takes up less space than other sofas.

The English Roll Arm Couch

The English Roll Arm has low rounded arms, a low seat as well as rounded cushions, it’s the best couch for chilling in front of the TV on. 

Deep Seated Couch

To be a deep-seated couch, the sofa needs a seat depth in excess of 34”, they make it easy to lounge around on them. 

The Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Nice curved lines that are very clean in combination with a tapered leg makes a Mid-Century Modern Sofa which comes out of America’s mid-20th century design period. 

The Divan

The Divan is also known as the “daybed” as it’s designed to be covered in pillows and lounged upon, the base cushion of the sofa is similar to a mattress. 

The Reclining Sofa

Rather like a La-Z-Boy chair, the reclining sofa can be tilted back and some even have footrests that can be moved with a controller.

Final Thoughts On Types of Couches

So, there you have it, the 17 most common types of couches and they’re not as complicated as they might have seemed at first are they?

Once you’ve got your new couch, you’ll probably want to stay cool on it, so why not check out the best ceiling fans to sit under on your sofa?