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Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit

It’s been a tough time for travel recently and many of us have been completely grounded. Our best luggage has remained unpacked, heck, we haven’t even had a chance to carry a towel as recommended by Douglas Adams (our towels are organic, by the way) for a while.

But what if we could travel the world from the comfort of home, instead?

That’s where Travel Home by Caitlin Flemming comes in.

Travel Home book review

An Exploration Of The World In A Room?

Caitlin is a formidable presence in the interior design world and she showcases 20 beautiful homes of fellow designers with one thing in common.

They are all influenced by international adventures.

From these case studies, Caitlinn draws a series of useful and beautiful lessons that we can all learn something from. 

Travel Home: Creating The World At Home

She shows us how to turn our favorite spaces, even if you live in a tiny home, into spaces that remind us of our favorite places.

Whether it’s Casablanca or Cairo, Manila or Mexico City, Bali or Bournemouth, you can learn to bring a little piece of the world inside your front door and feel completely at home in it. 

You don’t have to abandon the adventure, with Caitlinn’s help, you can bring it home.