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Swiss-Miss is all Things Beautiful and Brilliant

We love to spend time online shopping, but we also like to go beyond the stores and one of our favorite subjects is design.

There’s something deeply satisfying about being able to see beautiful things in context and use them to inspire the way that you live.

And that’s where Tina Roth Eisenberg’s Swiss Miss comes in, it’s an homage to all things beautiful and brilliant.

swiss miss logo

Who Is Tina Roth Eisenberg?

Tina is a Swiss Miss. That’s how the site got the name, she was brought up in Switzerland where she discovered a passion for the beauty and efficiency of Swiss design.

Then, in 1999, after she finished studying to be a designer herself, she moved to New York to become a professional designer and she’s been there ever since.

She set up Swiss Miss, the website and brand, in 2005 to showcase the things that she thought were wonderful and interesting in the world of design.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

It’s become one of the best-established and most interesting design blogs on the internet and she says that a lot of people simply call her Swiss Miss now rather than Tina, and she says that’s just fine by her.

What Will I Find On Swiss-Miss?

It’s always something of a surprise! Swiss Miss has no constraints, unlike some sites, with where it may wander, and Tina is always happy to pursue the things that she finds interesting or exciting.

For example, she will lead you around the web to the 10 happiest songs according to science and then off to explore the Death and Life of the Greatest American City.

Then the rest is full of things that just make the world a nicer place to be like this interesting art project called Boom City or these Tiger Swiss Shoes which can’t fail to make you smile a little.

Tiger Swiss Shoes

So, there it is, we love Swiss Miss because we always find something to marvel at and something to learn on the site.

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