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Still Is A Peaceful, Slow Home For Humans

The modern world moves very quickly indeed. And while slow living is appealing, it’s not always possible when we’re out at work or play.

However, there’s no doubt that SLOW living is possible when it’s inside your own home and that it can be paired with minimalist interior design or even minimalist fashion to create a place of peace and well being. 

That’s Natalie Walton’s thesis in Still: The Slow Home and we think she’s got a very good point.

Still the slow home

Still: An Introduction To SLOW Living 

Natalie begins with first principles and introduces the SLOW movement and how we can live sustainably, locally, organically and holistically. 

She then teaches us how we can apply these principles to the physical structures that we call home and the greater environment. 

An Introduction To SLOW Living

Practical, Photographed Examples

But this isn’t a textbook and it’s not theory, Natalie’s next step is to show us how this translates into real world action.

She has nearly a dozen beautifully photographed case studies of how people turn their homes into something more than just a castle but, instead, a nourishing protective environment for the soul. 

Everyone can benefit from SLOW living at home and Natalie can show you how.