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Top 10 Smart Technologies for Interior Design

Are you ready to join the smart home revolution?

We confess, we understand if you’re not, we were cautious too but recently we’ve been dipping our toes in the water and we’re excited by what we’ve found.

That’s why we want to share our favorite smart technologies for interior design with you. We think you’ll love them.

LIfe Saving Sensors

If you’re going to use smart features, why not start with something that could save your life?

If you install heat and smoke sensors that have smart functions, they can not only wake you up and get you out in an emergency, but they can also call the police and the fire service.

They can also monitor your home when you’re out and if someone breaks in, your smartphone will let you know to get the police involved.

Complete Lighting Control

There was nothing wrong with the old school lightbulb except it wrecked the planet and was both expensive to buy and to run. 

led lighting

Smart lighting based on LED, on the other hand, costs next to nothing to run, can be used everywhere in your home and you can tailor the amount of light everywhere in a room.

Noise Cancelling Blinds

We belong to the city, but we often wish that at 3 a.m. when somebody’s car alarm is going off or in the day when there’s a football match on and hordes of people are moving past our place, that we didn’t.

Soundproofing smart blinds may be our salvation, however, they can eliminate all the annoying noise and make our home our space all over again.

Clean Pure Air

There’s some evidence that air pollution kills more people every year than the coronavirus did in 2020. 

Clean Pure Air purifier

Smart air purifiers can ensure that your personal environment always has clean air and smells good too.

Sound That Surrounds Rather Than Intrudes

We’re big fans of things like bookshelf speakers but did you know that a proper smart audio system can simply disappear so that you can’t see it but you can hear it.

And most importantly, it sounds great!

Security Tailored To You

There is nothing worse than coming home late at night and finding that you’ve lost your keys and now need to sit on the curb waiting for a very expensive locksmith.

smart home security

A smart security system, on the other hand, needs no keys, just an iris scan and a thumb print. 

You can live more securely, and never worry about losing your keys again.

The TV Of The Future

A Smart TV is way more than a standard TV. 

It can engage with your Wi-FI, act as a computer monitor, serve up Netflix and Amazon titles and more.

Keeping Track Of Time

The standard clock has barely been revisited in a thousand years.

But smart tech enables us to incorporate the ability to tell the time into nearly any device and to display the time as we want it.

You can even set a series of personal alarms to ensure that your day goes exactly as you planned it to.

Smart Art

3D Printing is the most obvious example of this kind of smart art but there’s also 3-D wall painting

smart art

Attractive, exciting art that doesn’t cost a fortune and is 100% personal to you? 

That’s smart art.

Floor Design

Our final pick is not that common, yet, but we know it’s coming. 

We all love flooring but do we have to all end up in the DIY store choosing the same stuff as our friends and neighbours?

No, smart technology is making it possible to produce individualized flooring at an affordable price so that all of our homes can be truly unique!

Final Thoughts On Smart Technologies For Interior Design

In some respects these smart technologies for interior design make us feel like little kids watching the future unfold on TV but we’ve no doubt that each of these technologies can make our lives better, today. 

We hope you’ve found something of interest on our list and intend to make your life easier with it too. 

If you’re looking for some cool smart tech to make your home a better place may we suggest that you check out our favorite robot vacuum cleaners, these awesome doorbell cameras or these sleek smart blinds, next?