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Significant Scandinavian Furniture Brands

Scandinavian design focuses on a handful of key principles. These include minimal simplicity and function over form.

This is why Scandinavian furniture brands are at the forefront of the contemporary furniture movement and why their timeless aesthetic in home decor has become such a huge global draw.

We’ve been out to find the Scandinavian furniture brands that really bring these principles to life and which focus on natural materials in their work for ethical interior design that we can all get behind. They’re awesome.

Our Favorite Scandinavian Furniture Brands Working With Natural Materials



Hay is a Danish design brand that has been in business for 20 years now. They employ local craft traditions to create furniture pieces that are both iconic designs and suited for everyday life.

You could furnish an entire room with their functional pieces and enjoy the highest quality and total comfort at the same time.

They are quintessentially Scandinavian.

There is also a playful aspect to their designs and we really love their daring color palette which dilutes some of the seriousness of Scandinavian design and gives Hay a unique style.

Check out Hay here.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen

As you’d expect with this name. this is another Danish design brand that always impresses by creating work with simple clean lines and with a focus on environmental sustainability.

There’s nothing extraneous on any of their pieces and they bring a new perspective to Scandinavian minimalism that really takes some beating.

Their catalog is huge too, so no matter what kind of piece you’re looking for, they’re going to have you covered.

Check out Normann Copenhagen here.



&Tradition as you might expect are all about traditional working methods and high-quality materials.

This Danish company offers the best Scandinavian style furniture around though as you might expect, it comes at a fairly hefty price tag – craftsmanship like this is not cheap to come by.

We like the way this Scandinavian furniture reinvents classic items over and over again without adding complexity or unnecessary fuss to them.

Check out &Tradition here.



One of the legends in Scandinavian design is BoConcept a Scandinavian furniture maker that has been working in Denmark since the 1950s!

They are present in over 65 countries worldwide and if you want to buy Scandinavian furniture with absolute confidence, you can do worse than furniture brands with a global reach.

They use sustainable materials and have an eye for fresh design talent that brings new ideas to life while never abandoning the classic aesthetic that Scandinavian designs are best known for.

Check out BoConcept here.



Another one of the classic Scandinavian design brands is Stelton, which was founded in the 1960s – selling umm… gravy boats, and the product was so successful they were encouraged to try their hand at becoming a product design company.

That sense of innovation in Scandinavian design is what makes this interior design company so eyecatching today.

Their kitchenware collection, in particular, puts most other furniture brands to shame.

Check out Stelton here.



Nordic design company WOUD came into being in 2014, but the two co-owners had already racked up more than 30 years of experience in Scandinavian lifestyle furniture and their home accessories quickly became legendary.

Their enduring aesthetics ensure that buying a piece from WOUD means you’re getting cutting-edge designs that will last a lifetime or more.

We like that they often focus on natural textiles as part of their collections and the elegant palettes of color are striking without being overwhelming.

Check out WOUD here.



This Finnish design shop takes its name “Muuto” from the Finnish word “muutos” and that means “fresh perspectives”.

This Scandinavian brand keeps that principle at the heart of everything that they do.

Their furniture incorporates simplicity and functionality in an inspired fashion that makes this a perfect fit for modern architecture and classic homes alike.

Their designers make sleek and exciting aesthetic choices that scream quality without compromising on craftsmanship.

Check out Muuto here.


MENU is one of those Scandinavian furniture brands that doesn’t rely on a single group of designers but rather it partners with groups of world-class designers to deliver collections of ultra-premium accessories for everyday living.

We love the understated elegance of this brand and they know how to make each day of your life more pleasant by utilizing design to create functional items that really do make things easier.

Check out their bottle grinders which are simply awesome. Beauty and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive and MENU demonstrates this to the fullest.

Check out MENU here.



ferm is all about modern living and they make really on-trend furniture and homeware that really lights up the room that it’s placed in.

We like that they are unafraid to redesign anything that they think might be better and even the most ordinary of items has its own twist in the ferm LIVING collections.

Check out ferm LIVING here.

New Works

New Works

We like New Works’ almost sculptured approach to creating new ideas. When design brands add this much creativity to furniture they elevate it to an art form.

You can see Swedish furniture traditions in these Danish designs and the old is always complemented by new approaches and ideas.

The range of materials they employ is extraordinary and every piece is built to last. If you want strong design philosophy that really makes a statement in your home – you can’t go wrong with New Works.

Check out New Works here.

by Lassen

by Lassen

Mogen and Lassen were some of the most influential architects of the early 20th century in Denmark.

The by Lassen brand intends to continue their influence of modernist, exciting Scandinavian design and use it to influence the way that furniture is designed and used globally.

The most famous product that they make is the Kubus Candle Holder which was actually designed by Mogen (back in 1962) and the collection always builds on a classic design when creating new ideas.

Everything in the collection is simplicity itself and we love how clean each piece looks. There’s no space that wouldn’t be enhanced by a piece or two from by Lassen.

Check out by Lassen here.

Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm

This Swedish furniture powerhouse has worked with a large array of different design talents to ensure that not only is Scandinavia present in each item but so is some sort of global influence.

They put their own interpretation on Scandinavian design that really does stand out and every item is easily identifiable as part of the Design House Stockholm collection.

They combine elegance with practical application in a manner that’s very hard to resist, which is why we’re so pleased with our recent purchase of Timo Sarpaneva’s Timo tumbler. It’s awesome.

Exclusive high-end furniture doesn’t get much better than this Swedish brand makes.

Check out Design House Stockholm here.

Montana Mobler Furniture

Montana Mobler Furniture

If you like mid-century modern and innovative storage solutions, then Montana Mobler is the kind of brand from the Scandinavian countries that you’re going to absolutely love.

This is furniture that absolutely encourages personal expression whilst always valuing the practical side of things putting usability to the forefront.

They’re also famous for their sustainable design practices and their ethical approach to manufacturing which cements their place as one of our favorite brands from Scandinavia.

Check out Montana Mobler Furniture here.

Northern Brand

Northern Brand

Northern’s furniture is a side project of the team at Northern Lighting. The lighting company has been justly famous for creating non-intrusive lighting solutions for all spaces.

Now, their furniture takes that same focus on the functional and combines it with all-natural materials and the world’s best craftspeople to deliver the kind of interior accessories that we all dream of.

They also encourage the development of new design talent and run the Northern Design annual design contest to encourage that talent to come forward and make itself know, this, in turn, helps keep their range constantly fresh and at the absolute pinnacle of new design thinking.

Check out Northern Brand here.



Gubi was founded in the 1960s, but you won’t find any MDF or chipboard here. They are all about recreating iconic pieces from the past and giving them fresh ideas to really accentuate the present.

We like that they combine furniture with lighting and wall details to create a truly holistic approach to interior design and we don’t think anyone could walk away from Gubi unimpressed with what they do.

Check out Gubi here.

Final Thoughts On Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian furniture brands are popular around the world for good reason. Each of the brands on our list is capable of creating the kind of furniture that you can fall in love with.

The principles of creating high-quality pieces made in sustainable ways with an emphasis on practical use are universal.

So, then the question really becomes, which brand will you buy your first piece from? Once you start, you won’t want to stop filling your home and life with Scandinavian design.

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