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Rove Concepts’ Handcrafted Artisan Furniture Is A Revelation

If you want furniture that lasts and lasts, it needs to be handcrafted.

Now, we admit that comes at a price, but it doesn’t have to be a ridiculous price.

By eliminating the middleman and selling directly online, Rove Concepts brings us handcrafted, artisan furniture within the budgetary reach of us mere mortals. 

Why We Love Rove Concepts

The stand out factor with Rove Concepts is that almost all of their furniture is handcrafted by artisans in their own workshop.

There’s an emphasis on high-quality that can only be maintained with this level of control over the end product. 

It doesn’t mean, however, that this comes at a super premium price and you’ll be amazed at how well the pricing competes with our other favorite online furniture stores

Our Favorite Rove Concepts Products

The Grayson Tall Dresser from their European Escape collection feels like the ultimate storage solution, it’s super elegant with plenty of space inside and it looks very minimal in our bedroom. 

Grayson Nightstand

We’re also big fans of the Evelyn coffee table which is from the Grand Living collection, it just screams luxury and in years gone by, it might have been perfectly accompanied by a cut glass ashtray (never today, though). 

Evelyn Coffee Table

These pieces are both extremely solid and robust, buying a piece from Rove Concepts feels like an investment in not just your home, but your children’s home and their grandchildren’s too. 

Final Thoughts On Rove Concepts

High quality, handcrafted furniture for sensible prices? It’s impossible not to love Rove Concepts for this. 

If you’re still looking for awesome ideas for furniture in your home, you might want to check out Burrow and Made for Living, we know you’ll love them too.