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The Little Book of Living Small

living smalll

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a tiny home or a small space but couldn’t work out how it could possibly make you happy – The Little Book of Living Small has the answers that you’ve been seeking.  Practical,…

Life Edited Champions Tiny Lifestyle Design

life edited

The easiest way to reduce your consumption of resources is to reduce the space that you live in.  But, doesn’t that mean that you have to live in a cramped, pokey place that will make you unhappy? One of our…

Top 5 Best Modern Bed Frames for 2024

Did you know 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders? When a bad night’s sleep can literally kill you, we suggest you make the smart decision and choose one of our top picks for best modern bed frames. These are…

My Modern Met Is A Beautiful Thing


Tired of the constant deluge of negativity online? Yeah, us too. That’s why we love My Modern Met. This incredible website began in 2008 with a very simple mission. They wanted to be the place on the Internet that celebrated…

Small Space Living Primer

small spaces

Small space living is the way forward for many of us in urban communities. It’s one of many solutions to overcrowding. It’s a greener, brighter (cheaper), more sustainable living arrangement with a positive impact on society and the planet. And,…