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The New Bohemians Celebrate Harmony Of All Things

The world is changing and though there’s no doubt that in many places life is becoming more restricted, some folks are bucking the trend and opting for freedom, instead. 

The New Bohemians are those folks, they own boutiques, blogs, urban farms, they’re artists, expats, and entrepreneurs and according to Justina Blakeney, they’re designing their homes to meet the demands of their lifestyles. 

Why We Love New Bohemians

By combining the style of Design-Milk with the ultimate in Smart Technologies, these New Bohemians are living the kind of lives that would simply have been beyond our wildest dreams even 20 years ago.

New Bohemians

Justina’s insights show us how we might all emulate this kind of specialist living in our own lives and maybe without spending a fortune on doing so. 

Final Thoughts On New Bohemians

New Bohemians’ strength is not in showcasing the lives of the privileged but demonstrating how we might all enjoy such a life. 

If you want a life of harmony in all things, you really should read New Bohemians. Justina’s roadmap to get there is awesome. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on living a life perfectly in synch with your home, then you might find these super interior design websites helpful. 

You can grab a copy online here.