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My Modern Met Is A Beautiful Thing

Tired of the constant deluge of negativity online? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we love My Modern Met.

This incredible website began in 2008 with a very simple mission.

They wanted to be the place on the Internet that celebrated humanity’s creativity.

They showcase the fun, the captivating, the challenging and the enlightening in the artistic spaces and they do it, oh so well.

my modern met

Art & Photography

They are packed to the brim with artistic talents that are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and photography.

Speaking of photography – you might enjoy this article on the best instant cameras, then use the My Modern Met site to give you inspiration as to what to shoot.

The site has 14 people working on it from a variety of different backgrounds and they really know how to bring art and design to life.

Articles Galore!

Sample articles on the site include Sea Urchins wearing hats to replace the shells that they would normally wear.

living morganism

Or a lesson on how to draw a great white shark using just 7 simple steps (we had a go – our shark wasn’t too shabby if we do so say so ourselves) and a wonderful collection of images showing the unique bonds between mothers and their children.

So, we challenge anyone to find themselves bored as they while away an hour or two on My Modern Met, there’s something here for everyone with a curious and active mind.

Super Interesting Product Lines

They also sell products on the site and they’re tastefully placed without ever becoming pushy about the sales routine.

We really like this Frida Kahlo Action Figure.

Frida Kahlo Action Figure.

Also, loving this Big Wooden Cat Pile Game.

cat jenga

Though we bought some cool posters in the end because we love music and movies, and these posters touched our passions.

We can recommend signing up for their free weekly newsletter too so that you never miss the best of what they have to share with the world.

If you liked My Modern Met then we think you’ll really enjoy Swiss-Miss too and there’s even more inspiration to be had there!