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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas & Guide

Minimalism is the way to a happier life.

By keeping things simple, we keep our mind clear and our priorities focused on things that matter.

That’s why we made a list of minimalist bedroom ideas. 

So, that you can carry on your minimalist philosophy even when you sleep.

minimalist bedroom

The bedroom is our most intimate space and any disturbances there can linger throughout our waking and sleeping moments. 

So, it’s important to get it right. 

We hope that you enjoy these tips and find them useful. 

Our Minimalist Bedroom Ideas & Guide

Keep Your Colors Neutral

A bedroom should be a warm, soothing space and one of the easiest ways to achieve that feel is to keep your colors neutral.

Muted shades and some splashes of white are all you need and try to keep the items in the room within the same family of colors. 

Keep The Bed Made Minimally

We love this tip because to us, minimalism is not just about intentional living but also easier living. 

If you keep your bed made simply, Boll & Branch sheets and a throw, for example, it takes less effort to keep it tidy and comfy. 

Consider Going Monochrome

Well, by monochrome we mean “shades of grey”. 

gray minimalist bedroom

The use of a warm grey can really help you unwind at the end of a long day and that makes it easier to sleep. 

Just make sure it’s all supported by a solid bed frame

Leave The Bed Unmade?

Well, we’re not animals but often on top of our Saatva mattress, we’ll use a bunch of prewashed linen and some throws that look cool when they’re all messy looking. 

This also stops your bedroom from looking like an impossible mission out of a furniture catalog too. 

Keep The Furniture On The Down Low

The closer to the ground you keep your furniture, the higher the ceilings appear to be. 

So, if your bedroom feels a little too “close” you can expand it without changing very much and it’s much easier to roll out of bed in the night, when you’re near the floor. 

Always Tidy The Nightstand

We try not to be prim about this but minimalism is about simplicity and things are never simple when they’re a real mess.

You just need a little bowl on the bedside to put your watch, rings, etc. in and then the nightstand can be as tidy as your mind!

Use Your Rug As A Focal Point

If you take a large rug and place it under the bed, so that it overflows on the sides and fills space; it can help anchor the room and ensure that the room doesn’t feel empty or sparse. 

minimalist bedroom with rug

Don’t Accessorize Too Much

The more accessories that you have for your bed, the more complicated it becomes and, in the long run, the less comfortable it is.

It’s  best to have just a single pillow and maybe a blanket for styling than to go overboard and disrupt the harmonious nature of your bedroom. 

Throw In A Little Wow! Factor

Minimalism doesn’t mean “boring”. 

minimalist bedroom with surfboard

It’s always nice to have something that can serve as a conversation piece and add a little “Wow!” to the place.

Think: an old classic typewriter on a desk or some brass finishings. 

A Subtle Sheen Can Make Or Break A Rug

A little sheen on your rug can make it feel lighter and airier in your bedroom and it’s very easy to find one in a solid color that brightens rather than clutters your space. 

Invite Nature Indoors

Just a little green is the perfect touch for a minimalist bedroom. 

planted minimalist bedroom

A plant in a pot or some fresh flowers is a great way to go. 

Feng Shui folks say you shouldn’t opt for cacti though or prickly plants because they might contaminate the energy in your bedroom. 

Layer Your Lighting

The idea here is to keep maximum lighting exactly where you need it and soft light available everywhere else. 

Mix and match your lighting between overhead, wall and table fixtures and you’ll find that your eyes are always comfortable. 

Blend Cool And Warm Tones

If you’re looking to add a little visual extra without complicating the space then you can blend some warm and cool tones to get there. 

If that’s not enough add a single piece of unusual minimal furniture to break up any large empty spaces that you have. 

Consider Some Paper Lanterns

If you want your light soft and delicate then paper lanterns are a great way to achieve that gentle touch.

paper lantern in bedroom

We like the way that they feel airy and soft before we sleep. 

Use Simple Black Accents

If you’ve used some brighter colors in your decor, you can break up the impact by using black accents to soften them. 

We like a black headboard and nightstand in these cases as they offer pleasant framing to the brightness. 

Try To Keep Lighting Elements Consistent

If you mix and match too much then the lighting elements can start to create disharmony, it’s better to choose similar fixtures and fittings to allow for a unified feel in the bedroom. 

Consider Using Textural Styling Instead Of Art Pieces

We prefer art in the living room or the hallway, places that we’re in motion and can stop and study and appreciate it. 

In the bedroom we find that using contours and textures to give “personality” prevents us from being drawn to any particular spot and instead, we can relax fully and prepare to sleep well. 

Final Thoughts On Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

We hope that you’ve found something to help improve your minimalist bedroom approach in our minimalist bedroom ideas. 

We know that getting a good night’s sleep can have incredible benefits for your well being and it’s so much easier to get that without any distractions in the bedroom.