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Our Favorite Mid-Century Modern Furniture Brands

The modern design of mid-century furniture has never fallen out of fashion.

Many a furniture designer has been inspired to create pieces influenced by Charles Eames and Ray Eames and their incredible school of interior design and furniture architecture.

The design industry continues to improve on this perfect marriage of form and function and you can find an incredible range of modern home decor items that classify as “mid-century furniture” today.

We’ve reviewed thousands of furniture designs and home accessories to bring you a list of some of the greatest mid-century modern furniture brands of today.

Maiden Home

You won’t find any generic boring design at Maiden Home this is a brand that can furnish your whole house and their chairs, in particular, are striking examples of what the mid-century modern style can deliver.

Many of their pieces are almost works of art, combining just wood and a single material to create an inviting item that will look amazing in any room in your home.

We’d also like to offer a big thumbs up to this brand which was started by female designers for their American-manufacturing and sourcing approach, that’s great for quality control and for the environment.

maiden home

Bench Made Modern

The Bench Made Modern brand’s product line is absolutely all about the sofas and their designers really know how to turn a piece of furniture into something so much more.

A sofa from them will involve a huge choice of materials that ensure a quality finish and you can easily find matching chairs that complement your decor from the same designer.

They aren’t the cheapest furniture designer out there but their pricing is very fair given the standards that they set.

benchmade modern

Industry West

This family-owned business was founded by Jordan and Anne England who say that the architect of your furniture’s first job is to bring your happiness.

They place a massive level of emphasis in furniture that sparks joy in the soul (check out their Herman Miller influenced chairs and you’ll soon see what we mean) and brightens up any space that it’s placed in.

We love the subtle use of wood in their work which really uplifts their pieces and transforms them into work that’s as much art as it is a pragmatic furnishing item.

And, of course, they use the highest quality materials in their upholstery too.

industry west

The Inside

Britt Bunn, the founder of The Inside, says that furniture ought to be fun but that it also ought to represent better value through design and their designers are tasked with making decorating a more enjoyable experience.

There’s even an element of street fashion in some of their pieces and, perhaps, a touch of Scandinavian details too, though don’t mistake their work for IKEA, it’s clearly in a different class.

Their emphasis on mid-century modern design means that their simple, elegant pieces are also very easy to customize and they can alter nearly any detail on a piece to ensure that your furniture is unique to you.

the inside

Albany Park

There’s simple and then there’s Albany Park. They do all their work for a single room in your home – the living room and they only sell 3 products!

They make sofas and sectional sofas and that’s it. But this makes them the absolute sofa experts (though you could, perhaps, say they’re experts in chair making too – if you were to buy a single piece sectional).

They want you to feel cozy, warm, and comfortable in your home and they say that their entire sales process is designed to be trouble-free and welcoming to ensure that you get off on the best foot with your new sofa.

albany park

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is one of the bigger design companies out there and unlike most of the companies that we’ve featured here – they have a large retail presence too with more than 25 stores located around the world.

This is quite nice because if you want to try a chair before you buy it, it can be a bit of a challenge in the new direct-to-consumer world but if there’s a store? You can walk right in and sit down in your chair and see how it fits before you commit to it.

Other than chairs and mid-century furniture, they also offer lighting, accessories, decorations, bedding, and much more.

jonathan adler

West Elm

West Elm is a big brand but that doesn’t mean that if you buy a chair from them you’re going to be contributing to the destruction of the planet.

In fact, they are very eco-friendly and use recycled, upcycled, and sustainable materials whenever possible in a design.

The vast majority of their products are designed in-house but they do outsource the occasional piece if a designer elsewhere has come up with an unbeatably beautiful piece.

west elm


Anthropologie began its life as a simple lifestyle brand for women between 30 and 45 who had achieved a certain level of affluence and success in their lives.

If that sounds a little “niche”, it might be worth noting that it wasn’t and since they opened in 1992, they’ve opened more than 200 stores around the globe!

They began in fashion but have since moved into high-end furniture, you won’t find a cheap chair or sofa but you will find beautiful pieces that are built to last and which make you the envy of your social circle.


Rove Concepts

Rove Concept is based in the Pacific Northwest and they believe that the furniture industry needs to be modern.

They say that every chair, table, etc. is designed in their own workshop and then handcrafted on-site whenever possible.

They are very much focused on the luxury end of the market and don’t expect to find a bargain-basement price – if you want a chair that will last forever, it’s going to cost a bit more than it would in Home Depot but it’s worth paying a little extra for that kind of quality.

rove concepts

Common Questions About Mid Century Furniture

Is Mid-Century Modern Still Popular?

Yes, the Mid-Century furniture style si very much a timeless, classic style, and it’s not trapped in the post-war era at all and looks great in a modern home.

Our interior designer loves the style because she says that the clean lines and strong curves, textured textiles and solid woods and minimal form furniture design goes with absolutely everything.

Mid-century modern furniture is the ultimate meeting between material, function, and form. By stripping out the frills and focusing on the most basic elements, furniture makers can deliver iconic pieces where less is very much more.

What Kind Of Furniture Is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-Century Modern furniture was originally furniture designed in the period following World War II. It was high-quality furniture that was meant to ensure a one-of-a-kind appeal rather than producing pieces in the tens of thousands.

Mid-century inspired pieces are still popular today as is authentic mid-century modern furniture.

The person who had the greatest influence on this school was the architect Charles Eames (or maybe this should include his brother and read Charles and Ray Eames?).

What Is MCM (Mid-Century Modern) Brand Furniture?

There is no mid-century modern brand furniture. The term “mid-century modern furniture” applies to the products of many a furniture designer working for any of a huge range of home decor brands.

We’ve listed some of the best mid-century modern furniture brands above but there are many more.

Final Thoughts On Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Whether you’re looking for an iconic piece of mid-century nostalgia such as a Barcelona Chair or Wassily Chair or you’re just looking for something like a dining table influenced by this interior design style, these amazing mid-century modern furniture brands have you covered.

The huge selection of home furnishings they represent is just what everyone needs to furnish the kind of house that we all dream of living in and at a range of price points too.

And if you’ve enjoyed learning about these brands and their original design approach, you may also appreciate these amazing mid-century couches, these cool creators of home decor, and learning how to save money with furniture companies that sell direct to consumer.