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Can You Put A Slipcover On A Sectional Sofa?

We love sectional sofas and we find that they provide the perfect spot for the whole family to chill out together. But, the heavy use that a sectional couch sees means that you may want to protect it with a…

The Living Room vs Den Question

The main difference between a living room and a den is quite simple – the living room is essentially a public space. Living rooms entertain guests and allow people from outside the household to come in and interact with the…

Feng Shui For Living Rooms Guide

In China, it’s very common for people to design their homes around the principles of feng shui which allow our world to live in balance with the natural world. Keeping an individual and their environment in harmony allows the creation…

How To Cool Down A Room

When the summer comes, the inside of your home starts to get hot and there’s nothing more miserable than being stuck indoors in a boiling hot room.  It can disrupt your sleep and ruin your day but running air conditioning…

Ethanol Fireplaces Guide for Beginners

in wall ethanol fireplace

It can be hard to be eco-friendly in our day-to-day lives. After all, it’s not necessarily practical for all of us to swap out to electric unicycles or electric scooters. But we could all be more environmentally friendly in the…

Best Indoor Trees For 2022

best indoor trees

Our quest for the best indoor trees was no shady endeavor. Indoor trees are basically defined as types of houseplants that are similar to traditional outdoor trees but much smaller.Simple. That makes them perfect to nurture and care for in…

Small Space Living Primer

small spaces

Small space living is the way forward for many of us in urban communities. It’s one of many solutions to overcrowding. It’s a greener, brighter (cheaper), more sustainable living arrangement with a positive impact on society and the planet. And,…