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The Little Book of Living Small

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a tiny home or a small space but couldn’t work out how it could possibly make you happy – The Little Book of Living Small has the answers that you’ve been seeking. 

living small

Practical, Everyday Advice

Laura Fenton has brought together 12 case studies of families and individuals living small for real and how they make the most of their space to make the most of their resources and their lives. 

tiny small home design and life

There’s something for everyone in here and you don’t have to move into a 150 square feet apartment to prove it (though you can – there’s plenty of ways to live in the smallest spaces too).

Living Small Makes You Feel Good 

Every tip is handled with style and grace to ensure that you feel amazing about removing the clutter from your life and getting more from the space that you have available to you. 

We found the 10 commandments for living in a small space particularly helpful to formulate a plan for living a simple life, we think that you will too. 

You can find The Little Book of Living Small by Laura Fention online. 

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