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Life Edited Champions Tiny Lifestyle Design

The easiest way to reduce your consumption of resources is to reduce the space that you live in.  But, doesn’t that mean that you have to live in a cramped, pokey place that will make you unhappy?

One of our fave sites – Life Edited – says that it doesn’t. 

Making The Most Of Your Space

We’re big fans of the Tiny House movement. 

It encourages people to build and live in small homes. Life Edited takes that a step farther. 

They say that you can design your life in any space to be comfortable and fulfilling and that doing so can help put money back in your pocket to help pay for the things that you really value in life. 

Of course, saying is easy and doing is much harder and that’s why we love Life Edited. 

Bursting With Practical Examples

You will find plenty of examples of real life projects and systems transforming the way people live on their website. 

For example, here you can see how a Victorian Home in London is converted into Micro-apartments. And here’s an amazing way to turn a tiny room into a home and an office!

Financial Freedom

When you live in a smaller space, you create financial freedom

That’s the end objective of Life Edited – to give you the freedom to live your best life and we love them for it.

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