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Kitchen Hacks Is How Clever Cooks Get Things Done

You’ve probably seen America’s Test Kitchen in action on TV or on YouTube.

But did you know that they’ve also written a book to teach you how to do all that clever stuff at home?

Kitchen Hacks: How Clever Cooks Get Things Done is that book and it’s absolutely indispensable reading for any home cook.

The Big Idea

A kitchen hack is meant to save you time and/or effort and/or money but without compromising the quality of your food and that’s what this book is stuffed to the brim with.

There are more than 60 chefs who’ve contributed to this book and there’s something in here for absolutely everyone.

The Little Ideas

There are 1,000 tips in the book, and they’re broken down into straightforward categories (from cleaning to moving things around in the kitchen) and they’re meant to entertain as much as they offer practical advice to get things done.

You’ll learn how to stop crying when you hack up an onion (oddly, you light a candle which stops the gas from reaching your tear ducts), how to get avocado pits off your knife when they get stuck and even how to use certain flavors to make your favorite bourbon that bit better.

This is the sort of book that makes an excellent Christmas gift for a friend or for yourself to read before you tackle the Christmas dinner.

We think you’ll love it as much as we do!