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Joybird Is Custom Furniture Done Right

Choosing furniture often feels much less fun than it should. 

All too-often you see something that’s almost perfect but without a bit of styling, it’s just not quite there.

Joybird aims to change that. 

They offer free design styling services with every item of furniture that they sell and we think you’re going to be impressed by it. 

Why We Love Joybird


Joybird believes nobody should have to settle when it comes to getting the furniture they want and that every piece should be boldly original. 

Whatever your tastes, they’re there to cater to them and ensure that you get high-quality products that meet your exacting specifications that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

And it works. 

With design styling services available to everyone, you can create the exact product you’ve been dreaming off and without breaking the bank. 

Our Favorite Joybird Products

As every product can be customized, our favorite products are those which we’ve tweaked to our own preferences. 

Like this Hughes Apartment Chair which we had upholstered in a pet-friendly material so that our dogs could enjoy it as much as we do. 

Joybird Ackley Dresser

And this Ackley Dresser was the perfect addition to our daughter’s bedroom, so stylish and spacious that she couldn’t believe how much joy it brought her. 

Combine that with an excellent 90 day returns policy and you really can’t go wrong with Joybird furniture. 

Final Thoughts On Joybird

Joybird’s ingenuity has really impressed us and we’re positive they’ll make it to our list of best online furniture stores next year. 

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