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Interior Design Master Class Is 100 Lessons from America’s Finest Designers on the Art of Decoration

Whether you’re thinking about going to interior design school or you’re contemplating redecorating or revamping in your own home, you need to read Interior Design Master Class.

This is the ultimate guide to making the most of the spaces you live in and it involves a wide range of industry experts to deliver valuable, practical lessons that you can implement in your own life. 

Why We Love Interior Design Master Class

Life Edited and Design Milk are among our favorite interior design websites, but they can’t hold a candle to the complete interior design education provided by Carl Dellatore’s 100 designers.

Interior Design Master Class

Those websites are amazing for inspiration, but in this book, you’ll discover the principles of design and how they can be applied together to create incredible styles that are truly unique and personal.  

Final Thoughts On Interior Design Master Class

It might not be a complete substitute for going to college and getting a degree in interior design but we’d bet that it comes pretty close. 

Interior Design Master Class is so thorough and comprehensive that it forms the perfect grounding in interior design and once you’ve read it, you’ll feel confident that your choices of decor are always going to turn out “right”. 

Whether you’re a student of design or someone looking to improve their home, Interior Design Master Class is for you. It brings together 100 interior designers to share their knowledge with you. Check it out. 

You can grab a copy online here.