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How to Measure A Sectional Sofa, According To Designers

There’s no doubt in our minds that a sectional sofa is often the best way to take advantage of the space in a living room but that it’s often a challenge to see if there’s enough space to accommodate the modular sectionals that you have your eye on.

The good news is that all you need is a tape measure and some painter’s tape and you can ensure that your new sectional sofa will fit comfortably.

Here’s our simple guide on how to measure for a sectional sofa and it’s super easy to follow.

Measuring Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are more complex to measure than non-sectional couches but not so much that you need a degree in mathematics or engineering.

Working out sectional sofa dimensions comes in very handy before you move a sectional couch from one room in your home to another or before you opt for a curved sectional or L-shaped sectional for a room that’s never had one before.

The good news is that you don’t need to go mad when measuring up for a sectional couch, the priority is to determine just two measurements the overall width and the overall length measurements to see if you have enough floor space.

It’s also handy to measure the overall height of your sofa to ensure that it will comfortably fit with your body.

However, it can be a little more complex to measure up for a reclining sectional or a curved sectional because these items either change the amount of space they occupy or the curve means that there’s no standard length measurement to be had.

So, with curved sectionals, it’s often best to create a rectangular layout around the sofa and then use your tape measure to measure that up.

And with a reclining mode or a sleeper sofa, just make sure that you account for the largest dimensions when the item is fully extended.

How Much Space? Sectional Dimensions

As we’ve said you only need a few general measurements to work out what you need from a sectional sofa and the best way to do it is to start by making a sectional diagram.

This is a simple diagram where you sketch out the plan of your sectional sofas as you intend to place them in the living room.

You can then record the overall width (the width along the longest edge) and overall length (again, the length along the longest edge) easily.

You might also want to measure along the interior sides as this gives you an idea of how much living room you will have left for other furniture.

Don’t Forget The Coffee Table! Measure, Tape, and Measure Again

Coffee Table

OK, so we have a three-step process for you to get the sectional size of your sofa (rather than using the measurements from traditional sofas).

You start by measuring the space. Get that tape measure and work out the length, width, and height of your room.

These are the maximum measurements that you have to play with. If you notice your sofa has a width or length that exceeds these numbers? You cannot buy it. It simply can’t be fitted into your room at all.

You should also measure the doorways at this point – as you have to get your new sofa into the room. If the front door is smaller than your sofa? Then you might have to remove it or even break out the frame – that’s a hassle and it can be expensive.

Next, it’s time to tape up the area that is your ideal choice from the different configurations of your sectional sofa on the floor.

This lets you ensure that doors will open and close properly and that you can get additional furniture in the room. If it doesn’t work out? You can try multiple arrangements of the same design ideas before abandoning your plan. Because if all the components won’t fit? You’d be wasting your money.

Now, it’s time to get an accurate measurement of the area that you’ve covered in masking tape. You probably won’t get a sectional that exactly fits your living space but your total measurement of the taped space gives you something to aim for.

Final Thoughts On Measuring For A Sectional Sofa

You may not get the exact measurements of the perfect sectional that you marked out on the floor but everyone can find a sectional couch that fits their space almost perfectly using the simple method above.

And once you’ve found the right measurements? Can we recommend that you use our guide to choosing the right color sofa, then our overview of the best sofa brands, and finally, our list of the best places to buy a sofa online?