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How To Cool Down A Room

When the summer comes, the inside of your home starts to get hot and there’s nothing more miserable than being stuck indoors in a boiling hot room. 

It can disrupt your sleep and ruin your day but running air conditioning all day long is expensive and not very kind to the planet.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to cool down a room without running your air conditioning 24/7 and we’ve rounded them up for you. 

9 Ways To Cool Down A Room

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Into Reverse

Ceiling fans which go clockwise are awesome in winter because they help disperse heat effectively but in summer when you want to be cool? You need to reverse the flow for them to deliver the coolest of air. 

Keep The Windows Covered In Daylight

closed curtains

Reducing the amount of sunlight coming through the windows, reduces the amount of warming inside the room. Sure, we know, it’s nicer to have natural light but when it starts to swelter? Shade is your friend.

Keep The Humidity Low

Use a dehumidifier and the room will become less sticky and unpleasant. A top notch dehumidifier can remove more than 50 pints of water a day from an average sized home! 

Through The Windows Open At Night

window open at night

When the sun goes down, the external temperatures will dip and if you open your windows, the heat from inside the house will head outside to the cooler air and cool your house while it does so.

Promote An Internal Breeze

Opening a window may help a little but opening two is always better. That’s because it allows for a draft to flow from one window to the other. This works best when the windows are opposite each other and if you want to boost the effect, place a fan on each window – one blowing in and the other blowing out. 

Avoid Using Hot Appliances

open oven

Tumble driers, washing machines, ovens, etc. are all hot and if you run them, they will add their heat to the room. Try to avoid using them when it’s hot and sticky, run them late at night if you have to. 

Close Rooms You’re Not Using

If you’re not using a room, close the door on it. These rooms get hot and then radiate heat around the house. By closing the door, you keep the heat in the room instead of where you are. 

Turn Off Incandescent Lights

incandescent light bulb

Most lights in homes are now LED but many homes still have a few old school incandescent lights hanging around. If that’s true for your home, switch them off as they output quite a lot of heat. 

Consider A Small Air Conditioning Unit Or Cooling Fan

If all else fails, you might want to use a small air conditioning unit (like these portable air conditioners) or a cooling fan to get immediate relief from the heat. This won’t cost as much as a large air conditioning system does to run. 

Final Thoughts On How To Cool Down A Room

When you know how to cool down a room, it’s a pretty straightforward process and that means lower electricity bills and higher levels of comfort for you!

Enjoy the summer without sweating!