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How to Choose the Right Sofa Color for Your Living Room

When you’ve got a free hand to decorate as you like, it’s best to choose your sofa first and then match the rest of the room to it. 

However, we’re not all that lucky. 

If you’re going to put a sofa in a room that’s already decorated or if you want it to play a supporting role to other furniture; you’re going to need to choose the color carefully.  

The Key Color Strategies For Adding A Sofa To An Existing Room

There are two main strategies, which are recommended by the top interior designers, that people use for adding a sofa to an existing room:

  1. Make the room look larger. Here the sofa is chosen to match the existing wall colors and this gives the room a unified look. The only downside to this approach is if you want to paint the walls at a later date.
  2. Make the sofa disappear. If you don’t want your sofa to be the focal point of your room. You can use a neutral color to make it blend in with everything else and keep the people’s attention where you want it. Neutral sofas also make it easy to repaint the walls in the future. 

Light Or Dark Colors?

How to Choose the Right Sofa Color

The first thing you should do is choose the type of sofa that you want to buy and then you can review the best places to buy a sofa of that kind. 

Then, the first big decision is to go light or dark with your sofa’s color scheme. 

To get to this decision take a look at the floor. What color is it? Will the sofa stand out or blend in if you use a light or dark fabric? 

A dark sofa going into a dark room disappears. Most people prefer their sofa to stand out on a dark floor.

 You don’t have to opt for a lighter sofa but it can help to opt for a sofa on metallic or light color wooden legs to provide some visual distinction. 

You could also pop a light color rug under a dark sofa to help define it. 

Light sofas are less popular as a choice because the biggest issue is going to be wear and tear. 

While a dark leather sofa will age gracefully with a pleasant patina of cracks, for example, a light one will end up stained and torn. 

Light sofas are best in living rooms that are under-utilized or only used by adults in the evening. 

Kids and/or pets can wreck these sofas without any effort at all. 

The Color Choice For Your Sofa

The Color Choice For Your Sofa

Now, that you’ve elected for a light or dark sofa, you can get to grips with the exact color.

We’d recommend neutral colors in most cases. They fit in everywhere and it’s easy to redecorate around them. Typical neutral colors include beige, cream, grays, etc. 

If you think that the matt version of a neutral color is a bit dull, consider adding a little fleck of a single color to the mix. This looks sophisticated but still gives you a lot of future proofing. 

Otherwise, you’re going to want to choose a sofa that matches the color scheme that you’re using in your room. 

Other Considerations

Other Considerations

You are not obliged to buy your sofa in the exact same pattern or color as your chairs, nor do you need a loveseat to match the sofa

Using a similar color but different textures gives more flexibility when it comes to laying out the room.

And, in the future, it means you only need to replace whichever item wears out rather than the whole set.

If you feel you need a little more color in the mix, it can often be better to throw in some colored accessories such as cushions and throws than to incorporate color in the sofa itself. 

Final Thoughts On Sofa Colors

Choosing a sofa color is very important for a living room. It’s a critical piece of furniture that will make you happier if it looks like it truly belongs. 

Don’t be afraid to take your time making a decision on sofa color to get the best choice for you. 

We hope you find the sofa that you’re looking for and if you’re looking for more furniture, may we recommend our favorite online furniture stores to you? We think you’ll like them.