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Floyd Is Disruptive End To Disposable Furniture

Did you know that Americans throw out 12 million tons of furniture each year?

Worse, did you know that almost none of it is recycled and as the materials used are hard to reprocess?

That’s where Floyd comes in, a furniture company with an emphasis on sustainability as well as good looking furniture. 

Why We Love Floyd

Floyd was founded on the principle of bringing an end to the problem of disposable furniture.

Now, they incorporate the additional principles that each piece must solve a problem around the home and allow the user to be mindful of their usage. 

It helps that each Floyd piece looks like it belongs in the Made for Living collection, there are no compromises on good looks and style in order to accommodate these principles. 

Our Favorite Floyd Products

flexible shelving

By far, the stand out offering for us, in the Floyd range is the flexible shelving system

No matter where you need shelves or what you want them for, you can tailor Floyd’s shelving to suit your exact needs. 

We’re also big fans of the very elegant “The Table” which is simply ideal for nearly any indoor space and it’s guaranteed to be wobble-free thanks to the feet design. 

You can put it together in minutes and no tools are required!

Final Thoughts On Floyd

Floyd could easily feature in our next year’s round up of our favorite online furniture companies alongside Burrow, another company trying to disrupt the furniture market.

Their products are sustainable, attractive and so easy to put together, that’s why we love Floyd and think you will too.