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Feng Shui For Living Rooms Guide

In China, it’s very common for people to design their homes around the principles of feng shui which allow our world to live in balance with the natural world.

Keeping an individual and their environment in harmony allows the creation of more positive energy in your home to the benefit of everyone.

And to help you achieve this, we’ve got some great ideas for your living room.

Our Simple 10-Step Guide To A Feng Shui Living Room

Understand How The Space Is Used

Living room feng shui begins with the idea of how the space will be employed. What do you use your living room for?

Is it just for slobbing in front of the TV or do you entertain there? What about work or eating meals? Do people sleep within your living room walls?

This helps you start focusing positive energy by choosing the right furniture to support feng shui.

Find The Commanding Position

The key item in a feng shui living room is a sofa. And it is this piece of furniture that, according to feng shui principles, should be placed in a “commanding position”.

That means “with a view of people coming in and out” at all times. So the living room location of your sofa is vital to setting out your living room layout. So, start with the sofa.

Select The TV Nook Mindfully

A badly placed TV can drain uplifting energy from your living room feng shui. Given that most TVs are slimline, we’d recommend that you hang them on the wall, away from the fireplace mantel (a fireplace as a focal point is the best way to ensure that positive energy creates conversation in feng shui living rooms), and hang it on the wall somewhere it’s convenient.

Color Choices Count

Your living room’s feng shui often depends on the color you use. You want to ensure you don’t create negative energy as you implement feng shui elements in your life.

So, choose a scheme for color (compass points, Bagua map, five elements, etc.) and stick to it and try not to let one color overwhelm the others to create a harmonious feng shui living room.

Accessorize With Care

Good feng shui says that you should seek to add life force energy to your living room decor by using meaningful accessories in the space.

This helps to create calm thinking and reduces stale energy in the space. Use the natural energy of things that are important to you to stimulate your mind and the conversation in your most important personal spaces.

Use Mirrors To Expand The Space

If you feel like you have too much furniture but can’t really live without it, it’s probably that your room is a little small.

You don’t need to shift things out into the dining room in this instance, instead, you can hang mirrors strategically on the wall, to give an idea of a bigger space.

Think carefully about reflections as they “double the energy they reflect” so if you want to attract wealth, for example, don’t have the mirror facing a window, as it will symbolize energy leaving not entering.

Add Some Life Force Energy

Get some plants on the coffee table, a fish tank on the bookshelves, images of living things in the wall decor, a wood element in the furniture, etc.

This creates good energy from the lifeforce (positive Chi, to be precise) and removes negative Chi from those present in the space. Chi is a Chinese concept that can be applied to many different areas of your life.

Get Rid Of Clutter As It Arises

Clutter impedes energy flow, causing negative energy to build up, you can remove negative energy by always removing clutter as it starts to congregate in your space. Just tidy up before you go to bed and it will be fine.

Bring In Natural Light Where Possible

We like to let fresh air flow through the living space and allow the light to be as natural as possible.

That doesn’t mean “make new windows” but it does mean choosing the lighting to effectively simulate sunlight in that space and try to ensure there are no dark corners/shadows for bad energy to hide in.

Make It A Balanced Space

Most of all, feng shui is about creating harmony. So, don’t allow one color, one material, or one item to dominate the space – mix things up and seek to bring balance throughout.

Final Thoughts On Living Room Feng Shui And Eliminating Negative Energy

Creating a space free of bad energy isn’t as challenging as you might think and feng shui doesn’t mean that you need to throw everything out and start again with your living room’s decor.

Of course, if you do decide you need some furniture to help with your feng shui, then you might appreciate the best American-made furniture brands, our favorite mid-century modern furniture brands, and the best places to buy a couch online.