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The Armchair Adventure Sweepstakes

armchair adventures

Are you a travel lover or an aspirational traveler who dreams of exploring the world? Look no further than the Armchair Adventure Sweepstakes from Travel Nuts! Every month, we give a cash prize to help you realize your travel dreams.…

Joybird Is Custom Furniture Done Right

Joybird Living Room

When it comes to furnishing your home, choosing the right pieces can often feel like a daunting task. You may find yourself browsing through countless options, only to come across something that is almost perfect, but without that extra touch…

Furniture Made From Hemp For Sustainable Design

Many people are now enjoying the medical benefits of the marijuana plant and still other parts are enjoying its high. And the design world is seeing a resurgence of interest in using hemp, the fibers from the plant, in various…

Is The Cost To Reupholster A Sofa or Couch Worth It?

Before you rush out to buy a replacement sofa or chaise lounge, you might want to consider giving the one you have a new lease of life. Furniture upholstery can be, relatively easily, replaced with new fabric and that can…

Feng Shui For Living Rooms Guide

In China, it’s very common for people to design their homes around the principles of feng shui which allow our world to live in balance with the natural world. Keeping an individual and their environment in harmony allows the creation…

Best Interior Design Websites For 2023

interior design resources

With nearly 70% of Americans considering redecorating some or all of their home this year, interior design advice is highly sought after.  That can make in person consultations expensive and that drags down the amount you can spend on making…

Our Favorite Mid-Century Modern Furniture Brands

The modern design of mid-century furniture has never fallen out of fashion. Many a furniture designer has been inspired to create pieces influenced by Charles Eames and Ray Eames and their incredible school of interior design and furniture architecture. The…

20 American Made Furniture Brands For 2023

American Made Furniture Brands

Buying American-made is good for the economy but it’s also good for you and for the planet. Locally made products require less shipping than those made overseas and those savings can be passed on to you. Many American companies now…

How To Clean Your Couch, According To My Mom

How To Clean Your Couch

Cleaning a couch is nowhere near as difficult as it first appears and with our handy guide, you’ll soon have a super clean couch. You really don’t need a professional to clean your couch, just some simple guidelines. Here’s everything…