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Digital Minimalism For A Focused Life In A Noisy World

Everyone talks about minimalism and how it important it is for the quality of your life. We recently covered the topic in our review of The Minimalist Home.

Dr. Cal Newport has taken things a step farther – he says it’s important to live minimally online as well as offline.

The Real Cost Of Life Online

We all know someone that can’t go 15 minutes without a glance at their phone.

In fact, often that someone is us.

Living an “always on” life means losing out on the experiences of the real world because we “fear missing out”. 

Common Sense Tips For Reclaiming Yourself

Dr. Cal has put together a full set of easy to follow instructions on how to get our lives and our minds back and how we can lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable life without the constant call of technology.

He uses real world scenarios to demonstrate that everything he suggests is not just practical and possible but that it’s also personally profitable. 

If you wish that your life felt fuller and less harassed, and you’re tired of the constant electronic treadmill then you need Digital Minimalism. 

You can find Digital Minimalism by Dr. Cal Newport online.

Love books? If you’re interested in minimalism you’ll probably like Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World.