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Best Interior Design Websites For 2024

interior design resources

With nearly 70% of Americans considering redecorating some or all of their home this year, interior design advice is highly sought after.  That can make in person consultations expensive and that drags down the amount you can spend on making…

Our Favorite Mid-Century Modern Furniture Brands

The modern design of mid-century furniture has never fallen out of fashion. Many a furniture designer has been inspired to create pieces influenced by Charles Eames and Ray Eames and their incredible school of interior design and furniture architecture. The…

A Short History of Couch Design For 2024

A short History of Couches design

Whether you call it a couch, a sofa, a settee or even a canape, you’ve almost certainly got a sofa in your home. I grew up with a Chesterfield! What you may not know is that the sofa has a…

Fyrn Crafts Contemporary Heirlooms By Hand


We love handmade furniture. We love made in America products, and we love beauty. These are just three of so many reasons that we love Fyrn.  Fyrn handcrafts furniture here in the United States and it’s so beautiful that you’ll…

Best Artificial Trees For Indoors, According To Dendrophiles

Artificial Trees For Indoors

In 2019, a paper published in Nature showed that the sight of green, natural environments significantly reduces stress levels in human beings.  In today’s America, nearly 70% of people report dealing with high levels of stress at some point in…

Top 10 Smart Technologies for Interior Design

smart technologies

Are you ready to join the smart home revolution? We confess, we understand if you’re not, we were cautious too but recently we’ve been dipping our toes in the water and we’re excited by what we’ve found. That’s why we…

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas & Guide

minimal bedroom

Minimalism is the way to a happier life. By keeping things simple, we keep our mind clear and our priorities focused on things that matter. That’s why we made a list of minimalist bedroom ideas.  So, that you can carry…