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Design-Milk Is A Tall Glass Of Cool Curation

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent a bit more time at home this year (hasn’t everyone?) and that’s left you looking at the space you occupy in the world and wondering how it could be better?

Well, the answer is – through good design.

Design-Milk is both an online magazine which seeks to educate and inspire as well as an online shop, if you want to score a little design for your life at the same time.

design milk website

Why Do We Like Design-Milk?

When you want inspiration, you’re not always certain what kind of inspiration you’re looking for and the guys at Design-Milk have made sure to cover every angle.

They put together everything exciting in the arts, in architecture, in interior design, from the world of fashion and even technology and then mix it all up so that there’s always something to grab your interest.

design milk

That’s a good start, of course, but they also donate 1% of their revenue (not profits but revenue) to charities which promote social justice and reform.

They are currently donating to Share Our Strength, a charity that aims to eliminate hunger and poverty globally with a US-based focus in the first instance.

In addition to that they’ve made the 15% pledge which is they will give up 15% of their overall space to promote black-owned brands to ensure that people of color can make an impact on the world around them too.

What Will You Find On Design-Milk?

It’s not about sales and thus, you can find really cool and informative pieces like this one on The Importance of Movement in a Work From Home Environment, or this handy Jewelry Gift Buying Guide for the holidays.

When they do hit you with a sales pitch, it’s always for something interesting.

We don’t know if we’d buy one of these Foliage Mats inspired by Mother Earth but we definitely think that they’re awesome.

design milk rug

Design-Milk is one of those websites you can always find something interesting to while away your day on and we love it for that.

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