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Cozey Is The Comfortable Sofa Designed For Modern Living

The guys at Cozey began with a mission that we can all get behind – to make people’s lives easier. 

They wanted to know if they could create a sofa that was easier to pack away and assemble, so that moving became a much easier task and in the end, they did much more than that. 

About Cozey

Cozey cracked the issue of creating an easy-to-assemble sofa and, in the process, they created a comfortable, elegant sofa that’s designed with today’s living in mind. 

Free Shipping Cozey

And this results in free shipping and easy returns because transporting a Cozey sofa is simply much easier than it is to transport other sofas and that keeps the transport costs to a minimum.

Why We Love Cozey

Just check out the sofas from Montreal’s finest and you’ll see that The Cozey Corner and The Cozey Sofa are stylish and super easy to adapt to your living space. 

But that’s not all, when you buy a Cozey product, they don’t just send you a super comfy sofa, they also supply a local homeless shelter with a comfort box.

The Cozey Sofa

That comfort box contains warm clothing, hygiene products and non-perishables and that means making someone else’s life, someone less fortunate than you, comfy too. 

Who wouldn’t love that? 

Final Thoughts On Cozey

Cozey is one of Canada’s greatest creations, maybe up there alongside Maple Syrup (sorry, Vermont, but you know it’s true 😉 ).

Comfortable, affordable, adaptable sofas that are easy to ship and which do some good with every sofa sold? You can’t beat that. 

If you’re looking for other furniture ideas why not check out Floyd, Rove Concepts and Joybird too? They’re all amazing. 

You can find Cozey online here.