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Can You Put A Slipcover On A Sectional Sofa?

We love sectional sofas and we find that they provide the perfect spot for the whole family to chill out together.

But, the heavy use that a sectional couch sees means that you may want to protect it with a slipcover.

But is that even possible and if so, how do you fit slipcovers to your sectional sofa? Well, we asked a furniture maker and this is what we learned.

Slipcovers And Sectional Sofas

Yes, you can put slipcovers on a sectional sofa, in fact, it’s surprisingly easy to do so as long as you look in the right places for your sofa covers.

And it makes sense to do so too because a couch cover can protect the sofa from spilled drinks, pet hairs, food crumbs, etc. that will accumulate over the lifetime of every family sofa.

How To Find A Slip Cover For Your Sofa (Even If It’s An L-Shape Sofa)

There are really only four ways to shop for a couch cover (even for an L-shape sofa which is the hardest thing to cover).

Make It Yourself

If you have any DIY skills, then you may find that this is the best choice for your sectional sofa.

All you need is to find a fabric for the slipcovers that suits your sofa. We recommend using the highest quality drop cloth that you can find as it gives the sectional a certain amount of personality (and no, sectional sofas are not out of style).

You can then measure for slipcovers in nearly the same way that you measure up for a sectional in the first place, unless your sofa has already arrived – in which case, just ask the manufacturer for dimensions.

Have It Custom Made

If you’re not so highly skilled, then one of the best ways to get sectional slipcovers is simply to have them made for you.

Sectional Sofa

We did this with our L-shaped sectional slipcover because it’s a bit tight in our living room to maneuver and we weren’t confident that we could tailor the covers for our sectional precisely enough.

The downside is that, of course, the cost of a slipcover made by a professional is going to be higher than the material cost of making a cover for your sectionals, yourself.

Go For A One-Size Fits All Option

You can also find a slipcover online that is meant to be a “one-size fits all” slipcover. (Like the one from Amazon linked below).

The downside of this kind of cover is that it’s made of cheap stretchable material and while it covers most sectionals without any real problems, the slipcover won’t last as long.

You may also need to buy more than one slipcover if you have a lot of sections on your couch.

The polyester-spandex blend is not the most eco-friendly of material choices for your covers, either.

You can find a good option online here.

Opt For A Partial Slipcover

This is the cheapest option for your couch because a partial cover is going to only cover the areas on your furniture most likely to get dirty.

They look a bit cheap and old-fashioned, mind you, but back when we were just starting out in our first home, our family used this kind of cover to great effect. Sometimes, it’s best to keep your costs down and still make certain your sectionals are resistant to damage.

You can find one online here.

How To Care For Slipcovers

The good news is that assuming you don’t choose a poor material, slipcovers are washable.

You can pop them into the washing machine and then hang them out to dry (or even tumble dry them if they’re not plastic-backed) and then pop them back on your furniture in no time at all

That means you don’t need to worry if your kids suddenly throw a bottle of choccy milk over them.

We’d also note that one thing you might want to think about when it comes to slipcovers for sectionals is that they’re a very cheap way to change the style of your furniture.

If you don’t have the money for new sofas, you can throw some covers on your sectionals in an interesting fabric or material and completely renew your furniture while spending very little money, indeed.

We love sectionals and it’s super easy to protect couches from damage from wear and tear.

You can make your own covers, have them made, or purchase “one size fits all” or partial covers that stretch a limited budget but still ensure your sectionals stay in great shape.