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Burrow Is Comfy Disruption In Home Furniture

Not every idea has to change the world. Some just make life a little bit better. That’s where Burrow comes in. 

The team at Burrow have bet on a very clever, and ethical, business model that has a simple objective: to save you money on furniture without compromising on the quality of your living and lounging experience.

We think that they’ve succeeded.


They Have The Green Credentials

Of course, we wouldn’t feature a company hell bent on the destruction of the planet and Burrow’s green creds are good.

Their furniture is all made by hand from sustainably sourced materials that are still scratch and stain resistant and there’s no toxic chemicals used in the fabrics either.

They Save You A Fortune

But the big win from Burrow is not the eco-friendly side (though it definitely helps) it’s their approach to the supply chain which allows them to massively reduce shipping costs.

That’s because their furniture is modular and doesn’t require any special shipping (neither boxes nor vehicles) and that means on average that a Burrow sofa costs nearly $500 less than an industry-standard sofa!

Burrow Is Built To Last

They want these couches to last too.

There’s no compromise on quality – every Burrow couch is tested for sturdiness and stain fastness. They even have a printed animal claw (from a 3D printer) that they use to scratch at it with before it passes inspection.

Burrow is awesome. Highly recommended!