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Brooklinen Are The Most Popular Sheets On The Internet, According To Sleepy People

We admit to a guilty pleasure: meet Brooklinen!

We can’t help but adore the quality of their products and their overall emphasis on customer satisfaction and sensible costs.


As the name suggests, the Brooklinen team are linen specialists though in addition to sheets, they also offer comforters, bath products, loungewear and pillows.

Why A Guilty Pleasure?

Our main hang up with Brooklinen is that they’re not, yet, using 100% organic cotton in their linens and we’d really like to see them get on board with that. 

However, they do carry a full OEKO-TEX certification for their sheets.

This means there are no toxic chemicals used in their manufacture and in addition the company has vowed never to use harsh chemicals in their manufacturing even if they pass this certification test. 

Supporting The World

On the bright side, when you buy products from Brooklinen, you’re supporting farmers in India, Europe, China, Mongolia and Africa and manufacturers in Portugal and Israel.

Super Comfort And Super Prices

They use luxury cotton fibers and a unique manufacturing process to provide the best in comfort when it comes to their sheets and it’s really hard to find anything as soft as Brooklinen.

At the same time, they also cut out the middleman to ensure that you get the best price possible for a high-quality product. You can save $200-$300 this way.

That’s why everyone needs to know about Brooklinen. Check them out here.

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