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Best Solid Wood Furniture Brands In 2024

Best Solid Wood Furniture Brands
Solid choices.

The furniture industry constantly evolves and for a while, wood furniture seemed to disappear replaced by cheaper materials such as MDF.

Now, solid wood high-quality furniture seems to be making a comeback and some of the best furniture brands are those that are working in wood.

Real wood makes for quality furniture and if your piece is made from oak, maple, pine, etc. you can expect it to last much longer than a piece made from processed woods or plastic wood.

Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s an investment. A good wooden piece is something you could pass on to your kids and they can pass it on to theirs.

What Do We Mean By Wooden High Quality Furniture?

Solid wood products are made from natural hardwood which is solid. They are not made from MDF/particle board, plastic, or synthetic materials.

Luxury furniture is typcially made using traditional wood joinery, this eliminates screws and nails (which have a tendency to rust and fail over time).

If you opt for a timeless style then you will find you’ve got a piece that you can keep in the family for decades or more.

We’d also encourage you to buy American-made furniture because their manufacturing facilities tend to ensure that the wood they use is from a sustainable source.

Our Best Furniture Brands For Wooden Furniture


Fyrn is one of our favorite brands in furniture. They make the highest quality furniture and and they guarantee it will last for a lifetime, at least. They use solid natural wood to create stylish furniture designs that will minimize waste and they use domestic manufacturing facilities.

They offer a completely free in-home trial for their timeless designs and if you decide that you want to get rid of any of their pieces they also offer a buyback promise.

If the furniture industry operated like Fyrn, the world would be a better place.

Best Solid Wood Furniture Brands


They’ve been making furniture for a very long time at Vaughan-Bassett for more than 100 years in fact and they’re one of our favorite American made brands too.
They use production facilities in Virginia and North Carolina to produce furniture in styles ranging from modern designs to traditional styles.

The brand specializes in customizable furniture options and they only use locally sourced wood that is replanted every time it is cut to make custom furniture from.

vaughn basset

Maiden Home

Maiden home is a near legendary furniture brand that makes amazing pieces that are meant for a more contemporary home.

You may have seen their work in a furniture store near you but it’s best to buy direct for the lowest prices and for their excellent white glove delivery service.

Whether you want a modern sofa with a wooden frame or a gorgeous coffee table, they’ve got the right product for you.


We’ve written at some length about our love affair for Floyd before and we, no doubt, will do again. We love that they make furniture with modern design aesthetics at an affordable price that is meant to never end up in a landfill.

No wood veneers here, it’s always the real thing and their dining room furniture is as gorgeous as their pieces for living rooms.

This is American-made furniture at its finest and oddly, they make their pieces in Detroit, not North Carolina, breathing life back into the economy of that troubled city.



It’s possible that Burrow was the first American-made furniture brand that we ever featured on this blog.
That was down to their soft styles, mid-range pricing, and their commitment to making furniture using only ethical and sustainable methods unlike the majority of the furniture industry.

We love their modular designs which are easy to transport and reduce carbon emissions too. All the wood is grown in the USA and from sustainable sources.

The is one of the best furniture brands in the modern marketplace and we’d have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.


Grain Wood Furniture

If you need more affordable furnishings then Grain Wood may be the best furniture brand to opt for on a budget.

With everything from accent chairs to whole suites for dining rooms, you can’t go wrong with this company.

The downside is that they don’t use local manufacturing in the USA but rather in Brazil where their facilities are based, though they use renewable pine forests.

And all of their products are flat-packed and you will need to assemble them when they arrive – they do throw in free shipping with everything, though, which is a definite plus.

montauk furniture

Inside Weather

San Francisco’s Inside Weather is one of our favorite home furnishings brands and their furniture goes with all decor styles because you can get them to customize every piece to your standards (and it’s easy to do this – their website has a super tool for modifying your furniture).

Every piece is made of sustainable wood and it’s made to order, they say that this keeps costs down so that they can pass the savings on to you – that seems fair to us.

You won’t have to wait too long for your order, though, and it will be worth the wait.

inside weather


Their products are made in North Carolina and New York and the price tags reflect the cost of production but let’s be fair about this – if you’re looking for the universal furniture appeal, you can’t go wrong with Stickley.

They do high-end designs that look just amazing anywhere. In 100 years or so, they’ll be selling these pieces for insane amounts of money at Sotheby’s as “antiques”.

This is a furniture company whose home furnishings will look amazing in your living room, bedroom and more.

stickley furniture

Interior Define

Interior Define began life as a sofa brand with the intention of giving their customers an easy way to buy a sofa than going to a store.

Fast forward to now and they’re a much bigger brand with a wider scope. We love that they give you access to a professional designer so that you can really make sure that whatever you buy will fit your personal style and the style of your home.

They offer affordable furniture that really is built to last for a very long time.

interior define

Vermont Woods Studios

As you can tell these guys use wood from Vermont rather than North Carolina and this family-owned furniture brand can craft as many furniture styles as you want.

Every product ships with a lifetime warranty on both the craftsmanship and materials and you can ask them to customize absolutely any aspect of your purchase too.

Everything is made to order though and it may take a little while for your purchase to be delivered, but that’s the sign that you’re getting high-quality bespoke craftsmanship and not just rapidly modified off-the-shelf products, it’s worth it.

vermont wood

Common Questions

What Brands Of Wood Furniture Are High Quality?

Almost all furniture brands working with wood offer high-quality work.

A furniture company that opts for high-quality materials will tend to deliver a better product than its competitors.

But if a brand focuses on solid woods then you’re going to find that brand (and maybe its sub-brands) are all about fine craftsmanship and you’ll be able to trust the products that you buy from them completely.

Is It Worth Buying Solid Wood Furniture?

It may not have the most affordable prices in many cases but if you want a piece of furniture to last, then opting for wood is a very good idea.

While the industrial revolution changed a lot of things, it turns out that traditional furniture making methods and materials lead to long-lasting products and the most respected furniture brands tend to opt for an artisanal approach to making furniture rather than using high production furniture manufacturing techniques.

What Is The Most High-End Furniture Brand?

There is no such thing as the “most high-end furniture brand”.

Many of the brands on our list above are high-end brands but it would be impossible to rank a single brand as the “absolute best”.

All of them use skilled craftspeople who are passionate about making fine furniture and home furnishings.

Final Thoughts On The Best Furniture Brands

Whether you’re looking for living room furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, etc. you can find it in wood and that means you can get top-quality pieces that are built to last for every possible use.

The best furniture brands know that you want your investment in wooden furniture to pay off for generations to come and you can rely on all the brands in our round-up to deliver on that.

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