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Top 16 Best Sofa Brands To Transform Your Living Room

The sofa is the heart of your living room and choosing the right one matters.

Buying a sofa used to mean a lot of effort visiting showrooms, fighting off salespeople, to find the right one.

Now? You can go online with one of our best sofa brands and you’ll soon be sitting in comfort without breaking a sweat to get there. 

How We Chose Our Best Sofa Brands

We chose our best sofa brands on the following basis:

  • High quality. The pieces need to be built to last and not likely to fall to pieces in just a few years.
  • Value for money. Some of these brands are low-cost and others very much are not. They all represent great value for money at their price point.
  • Direct to consumer. There’s no need to pay a middle man if you can deal directly with the supplier.
  • Delivery is clear. Not all companies offer free delivery, that’s fine, but the costs of delivery should be clear and easy to calculate, with no hidden fees. 

Our Best Sofa Brands

Maiden Home

Maiden Home Best Sofa Brands

Maiden home is all about finding the perfect item to fit in your home, nothing is allowed to leave their workshops unless it’s of the finest quality.

They have an awesome range of sofa choices from all different sofa types and including sectional and modular items.

A custom piece order from Maiden home takes around 6 weeks to be delivered (white glove service) and there are no shipping fees.

Check out Maiden home here.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach (DWR) was founded back in 1988. They sell their own brands of furniture as well as promoting other brands that they believe are worthy of their customers’ attention. 

They have a nice range of sofas and that includes sectional pieces. You need to watch the shipping costs though as they can be a bit random – some pieces have free shipping, some don’t. 

If you order from Design Within Reach you ought to take possession of your new sofa within about 8 weeks. 

Check out Design Within Reach here.



We’ve already done a feature on Burrow as we’re huge fans of this furniture company that is disrupting the home furniture market for the good.

They’re one of the best modular sofa companies out there and one thing we really love about their designs is they don’t shy away from modern features.

Things like in-built USB charges just make your life much simpler when you want to charge your phone. 

Check out Burrow here.



LA’s Apt2B makes all of their furniture in the USA and they do so by hand. They have a wide-range of options for creating the perfect sofa for your living space.

You’ll find sectionals, loveseats, sofas and sofa beds among their offerings and you’re going to love the choice of fabrics. 

They provide free delivery and while some items will be shipped as you order, it normally takes about 6 weeks for an order to be delivered. 

Check out Apt2B here.



AllForm is one of the simpler offerings out there but their sofa range is excellent and they use a high-performance fabric that offers excellent stain-resistance and scratch-proofing.

You can choose from sofas, armchairs, loveseats and more and every single order they provide comes with free shipping, which makes tracking prices easy. 

They won’t take very long to deliver, either, and may be the best option when you need a sofa in a hurry. Typically it’s only 5-10 business days from the day you place the order. 

Check out AllForm here.

Medley Home

Medley Home

Medley Home is an excellent premium brand of sofa manufacturer that strives to use eco-friendly materials in all of its designs.

The products are made by hand in Los Angeles and they place a strong focus on the comfort and quality of their finished pieces. 

They usually take 6-8 weeks to deliver a product from when you place the order from their ottomans, sleepers, sofas and sectionals. 

Check out Medley Home here.

Interior Define

Interior Define

Interior Define says that the purchasing process for a sofa ought to be as easy as lying on a sofa and we agree.

Their model is entirely direct to the consumer and each piece is custom made, so that you can be 100% sure that it will fit in your living space.

However, as you might expect, this takes a little longer to complete and delivery is typically up to 16 weeks following the order. They don’t offer free delivery, either.

Check out Interior Define here.

Industry West

Industry West

If you’re looking for a timeless number that screams high-quality artisan made, then Industry West is very much worth a look.

They say they are the “new modern” and while that might seem ambitious, their loveseats, sofas and modular arrangements really do live up to that claim.

It takes about 10 business days for them to deliver an order, which is super fast. 

Check out Industry West here.

Inside Weather

Inside Weather

California’s Inside Weather prides itself on using upcycled materials in their sofas which means that you can be sure you’re doing the planet a favor when you place an order.

You can customize almost anything about their sofas, sectionals, etc. and that means every piece is unique.

One thing we really love about Inside Weather is their shipping design which means everything is super easy to assemble and to move around. 

Check out Inside Weather here.

All Modern

All Modern

All Modern as you might expect has a huge range of sofas to choose from, in fact, they’ve got a huge range of pretty much every furnishing item to choose from.

They may not be as artisan or high-quality as some of the other brands on our list but they are always affordable and they provide free delivery for anything that costs over $35 too.

It only takes a couple of days for an All Modern order to arrive too!

Check out All Modern here.

Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern

Hailing from both Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California Benchmark is a relatively new arrival on the furnishing scene which has already made a huge impact.

Their chaise longues, sleepers, sofas, sectionals, etc. are all customizable and they only take up to 6 weeks to build and deliver!

As long as you spend more than $50 with them, they also provide free delivery!

Check out Benchmade Modern here.



They may not have the largest choice of sofas but they do make the largest sofas! Yes, Lovesac is something a little different.

You can choose their Lovesac sectional sofa and then have it modified to include up to 10 seats! Which ought to be enough for most families.

They provide free shipping throughout the contiguous United States and it takes just 2 weeks for them to deliver. 

Check out Lovesac here.



Floyd is one of our favorite brands thanks to their commitment to end the era of disposable furniture. 

They were born out of a Kickstarter campaign of all things and having raised many times their goal, they’ve built an incredibly successful sofa company.

Everything is made in the US from non-toxic, premium-grade materials and they deliver it, to your door in 4-7 boxes, in an easy to assemble format. 

Check out Floyd here.

The Inside

The Inside

If you want to customize your sofa then you have to check out The Inside because they have over 600 variations of their sofa!

They say that furniture ought to be fun and that everyone should be able to access design services with their direct to consumer model.

They offer white glove shipping but sadly, shipping is a fairly substantial extra cost for these awesome sofas. 

Check out The Inside here.



This swanky brand operates nearly 200 stores around the world and has a superb set of sofas and sectionals available to the discerning buyer.

We really like their range of sofas and sectionals and that they can deliver them in less than a month from ordering.

However, their white glove shipping service isn’t cheap though it does mean that you won’t have to unpack or assemble a thing. 

Check out Anthropologie here.



Joybird’s all about handmade, hand crafted furniture which comes at a reasonable price. 

They’re very much inspired by the Mid-Century Movement and if that’s how you like your sofas, modulars, sectionals and loveseats, you can’t go wrong. 

They take up to 10 weeks to deliver and curbside delivery is a reasonable $49 per delivery. 

Check out Joybird here.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sofa Brands

Buying a new sofa used to be a stressful experience, you had to tread around display room after display room and handle pushy salespeople to find the perfect couch.

Now? You can deal directly with our best sofa brands and with a fraction of the effort, you can soon have a super new couch for you and your family.