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Best Reading Chairs For Book Lovers, According To Bibliophiles

If you love to read, then you probably have a favorite chair to read in.

If you don’t? Then you need one.

And that’s why we put together this list of the best reading chairs for you.

They’re awesome!

What Makes For A Good Reading Chair?

There are an infinite variety of these chairs but we think the best offer space to truly curl up with a book for hours and stay comfortable.

Each of our picks is also, of course, very well made and should last for years with a bit of care.

Article Mod Lounge Chair

Article Mod Lounge Chair

This is the perfect reading chair for curling up in with a fashion magazine or a book of photography.

It looks great in a living room or bedroom and the design essentially wraps you up while offering great back support.

We love the mid-century modern aesthetic and our only real reservation with this item is that the upholstery is made of polyester.

We’d like to see a more sustainable finish in future.

All Modern Jasper Wide Velvet Armchair

All Modern Jasper Wide Velvet Armchair

Who doesn’t love the feel of velvet upholstery?

It’s the perfect choice from some of the best reading chairs that we’ve tested.

We really liked the solid pine finish of this dream and the plush cushions are ideal for a reading chair.

Best of all you can remove the cushion covers to wash them which makes this best reading chair a good bet for the future as it should last a very long time.

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

If you really want your cozy reading nook to scream “this is a person who read a lot at school and now has a great job” then the Herman Millar Eames offering is for you.

We won’t like this is the best of the best reading chairs but it comes at a really high price point and you’ll want to do a lot of reading before shelling out for a reading chair like this one.

It does also come with a matching ottoman which is a great way to improve an already comfy reading chair with foot support.

West Elm Cozy Swivel Chair

West Elm Cozy Swivel Chair

This low-slung reading chair is perfect for those that like to slob out a little in their reading nook.

It has a deep seat that you can comfortably rest in that swivels on the base in a full 360-degree circle. Most reading chairs overlook the value of a swivel base.

The seat cushion is very comfortable and this oversized chair could easily become our favorite reading chair.

The upholstery material is designed for commercial use and that means you can expect it to be very long-lasting in domestic use, indeed.

Laurel Foundry Marta Wide Barrel Chair

Laurel Foundry Marta Wide Barrel Chair

This is a beast of a chair that has real style while providing a 61″ platform to sit on!

It can also support up to 400 lbs. in weight which means nearly everyone can enjoy it.

The design is stain resistant and it’s relatively budget-friendly too.

This wide chair is not the best pick for small spaces but if you want a plush seat that you can spend hours curled up in with a book?

Then you can’t do much better than this. It would look awesome in almost any reading room.

Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Armchair

Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather Armchair

You can’t beat leather chairs, this solid wood frame seat has cute wood legs and it’s super tasteful.

It’s a statement in interior design and we think there are few things that say “serious reader” more than a chair which is super comfy but also made of the best leather.

There are a ton of different color options that will please those looking to make a statement too.

JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

This is the best recliner that we came across during our tests.

We loved the linen upholstery which was soft and cool during extended reading expenditions.

It offers excellent neck support and even has 8 massage modes to give your comfort some extra support.

It’s the best budget option that we tested too and if the price points of other items on this list are out of reach for you, you won’t be sorry if you opt for this chair.

La-Z-Boy Jasper Wall Recliner Chair

La-Z-Boy Jasper Wall Recliner Chair

With a wide seat and solid frame material, this is a great option for those that really want to customize their chairs.

You can opt for the most comfortable armrests for your needs, change the frame, the upholstery options and enjoy these things in absolute style.

We wouldn’t expect anything else from La-Z-Boy to be honest, one word of warning though – this isn’t the best option for a small space unless you want to keep the entirety of the outside world, outside.

House Of Hampton Deese Chaise Lounge

House Of Hampton Deese Chaise Lounge

There’s something decadent about a chaise lounge that absolutely beckons to the bibliophile.

You can lay down, stretch out and get comfy with your favorite read.

However, the wood frame isn’t as strong as it might be and if you’re thinking of putting more than 250 lbs. on this item, don’t.

It can’t handle it.

West Elm Book Nook Armchair

West Elm Book Nook Armchair

Solid wood legs give this modern piece a wonderfully elegant look.

If you have only a tiny amount of room to put a chair in, this is the one for you.

It’s also the easiest to unpack, put together and then disassemble, move and do it all over again.

If you move regularly, as we once did, you will really appreciate this.

The Downing Chair

The Downing Chair

We love the plush and comfortable material that forms the seat and it looks absolutely wonderful.

We like the addition of a throw pillow to complement the overall design.

There are also several choices of material for the upholstery that makes it very easy to fit into any room.

They also offer a matching ottoman for sale if you’re looking for a little extra comfort.

Espresso Aero Armchair w/Chaise

Espresso Aero Armchair w/Chaise

If you love a coffee when you read then this awesome chair/chaise is the ideal choice for you.

The frame material is solid wood and there are two shelves, one on either side, to place your book, phone, and hot beverage on while you chill out.

This is part of a modular furniture system too which makes it very, very easy to add complementary items to any room you put it in.

Sloan Accent Chair

Sloan Accent Chair

With a touch of mid-century vibe about it, this large and super comfy chair is the ideal choice for those that want to get swallowed up by cushions as they read.

You can get this chair made in pretty much every color of the rainbow and dozens of other shades and hues and that means it can be really personal.

We found this to be accommodating to every body type and would happily recommend it to any household.

The Dune Chair And A Half

The Dune Chair And A Half

It’s not cheap but then it’s not just one reading chair either as the name suggests it’s more like one and a half chairs.

That’s a good thing if you like to spread out as you read but don’t want to end up passed out on the sofa snoring away instead of reading.

You can get comfy in this when reading but you can’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep either.

Also, there’s room for a cat or a dog if you like a little company as you read.

Slope Nomad Ottoman Set

Slope Nomad Ottoman Set

This set is very reasonably priced considering the ottoman is included in the price and the olefin fiber upholstery is one of the most scratch and stain-resistant textiles we’ve ever encountered.

If you have pets and little ones running around the house and always jumping on the chairs? This is the perfect choice for you.

It also has a little bit of high-tech wizardry built-in and the arms contain a USB charger and power cord, so you don’t even have to move if your Kindle’s running out of battery, you can just plug it in and keep reading!

And as this is made by Burrow, there are plenty of ways to customize this model to your personal tastes!

Final Thoughts On Awesome Reading Chairs

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, except for curling up with a good book in a great reading chair.

These chairs are all perfect for that purpose, so why not order one today and then decide what you’re going to read in it?

If you love good furniture we think you’ll also love our favorite mid-century modern furniture brands, the best solid wood furniture brands, and the best American-made furniture brands.