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8 Best Places To Buy A Couch Or Sofa Online

The typical couch, in an American home, lasts from 7 to 15 years.

That means it’s not a purchase to be taken lightly, buy the wrong one and you could be looking at a decade or more of discomfort.

Nobody wants that, right?

So, it’s best to buy your couch or sofa from an online store that you can trust, this way you save money compared to buying in a store and get the best quality product available. 

These are our go to online places to buy a couch/sofa online, check them out. 

Our Best Places To Buy A Couch/Sofa Online

Albany Park

Darry and Jessica Sharpton went looking for their dream sofa and, in the end, they hated the experience so much that they formed their own sofa company, Albany Park!

Albany Park keeps things simple with a small range of three sofas with a range of options for fabric, etc.

Their prices start at $1,099 which is very reasonable for an item of furniture that’s meant to last more than a decade too. 

Albany Park


Floyd is an American sofa maker based in Detroit and they operate solely on a direct to consumer basis which means no middlemen anywhere in their sales channels.

The Floyd sofa is very popular and most people feel it’s very easy to put together when it arrives and it offers plenty of support, though some say they wish it could be a little deeper.

The cheapest Floyd sofa is a respectable $1,115 though it’s worth noting that delivery costs an additional 10% of the purchase price. 



Allform is a new brand from the masterminds behind Helix and Birch and it’s all about customization.

These American-made sofas can be adapted to nearly any living space with a minimum of effort and range from cozy loveseats to massive 5-seater sectionals.

Pricing, as you might expect, varies quite dramatically as Allform sofas vary dramatically too but we do like the fact that they always deliver for free. 


BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern is a recent entrant to the sofa market as it was launched by Edgar Blazona in 2015 but it’s made quite a splash since arriving.

That’s mainly due to the elegant but affordable handmade bespoke sofas that they make, which are completely customizable by the buyer.

They are a little more expensive but at $2,600 (and up) they are very good value for a custom made piece of furniture and curbside delivery is free!

Benchmade Modern

The Inside

We really love The Inside’s approach to sofas, they start with high-end designs that are ultra-fashionable and then offer you the ability to customize them to your tastes.

So, you can choose from over 120 different fabrics and kinds of upholstery (and if you want to see swatches, before you buy, they’re available for just $1 each).

Their sofas start at $1,599 though you can spend quite a bit more depending on the options you choose, shipping varies based on the total value of the order though. 

The Inside


Burrow is a brand that we’ve featured here on Slick Living before and that’s because their products are built to last and absolutely gorgeous.

Their sofas are no exception and they come in modular designs which are shipped boxed and need minor assembly (no tools needed) on arrival.

We like that you can upgrade a Burrow sofa at any time in the future too by adding modules to it and they start at a surprisingly low $1,300 with free shipping!


Maiden Home

We love the handcrafted furniture of Maiden Home which is all made by top-notch American craftsmen.

We’re also impressed by the lifetime warranty and easy returns guarantee that they supply with every piece.

They are a little more expensive with their sofas starting at $1,925 but they do offer white glove delivery for free and they have a wealth of positive reviews from their customers. 

Maiden Home


AllModern is, in fact, a subsidiary of Wayfair and they’re a hugely popular online sofa retailer with very reasonably priced offerings.

Their couches start at $1,100 and delivery is free which makes it the most cost-effective option on our list.

We’d note that because of their popularity it’s very easy to get enough reviews on every sofa for you to know exactly what you’re buying too. 


Final Thoughts On Best Places To Buy A Couch/Sofa Online

A couch lasts for up to 15 years and that means you’re going to want to buy from one of the best places to buy a sofa online because your investment is going to last and last.

If you’re not sure what kind of sofa you want, you should check out our guide to the types of different sofas. 

And if you’re looking for other furniture options, may we suggest our favorite online furniture stores or our favorite second hand furniture stores online too?