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Top 5 Best Modern Bed Frames for 2024

Did you know 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders?

When a bad night’s sleep can literally kill you, we suggest you make the smart decision and choose one of our top picks for best modern bed frames.

These are the best of the best and will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. When your bed frame is right, it’s easier for you to settle in and get a full forty winks

Best Modern Bed Frames

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Bed


Our overall favorite. Easy to customize. Top quality. Excellent night’s rest.

Akron St. Mysa


Minimalist chic that really rocks our world. Good value too.

Tuft & Needle Wood Frame


The mattress gurus come through with a super solid and attractive bed frame.

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Bed

This is the kind of bed that you invest in when you’ve found your dream home and you’re ready to get the sort of sleep that you truly deserve.

You get an almost unlimited amount of choice in options to make your bed unique too.

It’s also an incredibly easy model to assemble, and that’s why we absolutely recommend building it yourself when it arrives.

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Bed

Quick Fact: The assembly instructions are based around matching color coded parts and slotting them together and tightening with a wrench (included).


1. Takes longer to unwrap than it does to build
2. Gorgeous classic appeal with timeless design
3. Super sturdy and built to last


1. Works best on an even floor – otherwise you might need to sand the legs
2. Manufacturer’s assembly option is ridiculously expensive
3. Might have too many customization options for some people

Akron St. Mysa

If you love the whole minimalist aesthetic then this is definitely the bed for your home.

It’s absolutely clutter free.

The low profile is ideal for pairing with a taller mattress and we loved the fact that wood was properly finished on all four sides (you can put it anywhere when it’s like that).

It’s also very scratch resistant.

That makes it one of the best modern bed frames.

Akron St. Mysa

Quick Fact: This is a bed that’s meant to work without a headboard but you’ll find that the solid white oak frame is perfectly comfortable without one.


1. Mattress weight is nearly perfectly distributed on this frame
2. Minimalism is the message here
3. All pieces are shipped in clear, vacuum-sealed packages making it easy to see what’s what


1. Construction is a bit more complex than we’d like – however, you can still do it yourself
2. The slats on the bed are a pain to slot into place
3. The slats might be prone to warping or bending in the future

Tuft & Needle Wood Frame

We love Tuft & Needle products anyway and this wood frame is a truly timeless design that will suit any bedroom.

You can choose from oak or walnut and while we tested the walnut, we believe that the oak is likely to be every bit as robust as the darker walnut.

There is a sizable clearance under the frame to allow for under-bed storage which we like too.

Tuft & Needle Wood Frame

Quick Fact: Tuft & Needle was founded by a software engineer who’d been frustrated by a terrible mattress buying experience – their customer service is thus, a touch above the rest. It’s no surprise it made the list of our best modern bed frames.


1. Very easy to clean, just a use a damp and non-abrasive cloth and wipe dry
2. 100 nights of sleep trial – don’t like it? Send it back. 
3. Excellent customer support.


1. Not scratch-resistant, so not the best around pets and children
2. Failure to follow, admittedly clear, assembly instructions voids the warranty
3. The Mint fit Tuft & Needle mattress fits awkwardly in this frame

Modernica Case Study® Furniture Solid Wood Aspen Bed

This is a beautiful bed made from African Mahogany (also known as Sepelle Hardwood).

Each one is constructed by hand in their workshop and has been oiled to help protect the wood and to show off the intricate nature of its grain.

It’s super easy to break down and transport too, so, if you might move in the future – this is something worth considering.

Modernica Case Study

Quick Fact: You can’t use memory foam mattresses on these bed frames due to the unusual slat design of the bed frame.


1. Made in California and we love American made products
2. Supremely tasteful design that screams class
3. Super easy to transport


1. Quite an expensive bed frame for what it is
2. The 8 slat approach with long gaps between them limits the mattresses you can use
3. The company is involved with fiberglass production too


The Thuma bed frame is an elegant platform frame that comes in a subtle walnut shade that ought to complement the color scheme of almost any bedroom.

It’s incredible value for money (and the lowest cost bed frame in our round up).

We especially liked the minimal use of packing materials in the shipping crates.

We love this addition to our best modern bed frames round up.


Quick Fact: If you’re hopeless at DIY this is the bed for you – it requires no tools at all to put together and it’s really easy to assemble and to take to pieces again later.


1. Very cost-effective
2. The packaging and assembly are brilliant
3. Super fun to build, it’s almost like playing Jenga but with a bed!


1. The headboard foam is a bit, meh, we’d like something more substantial
2. Also, the headboard must be propped against a wall which limits bed placement
3. Very bare and simple, maybe too simple for some tastes

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