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12 Mid-Century Couch Brands We Recommend

It’s never been as easy as it is today to shop for a sleek mid-century couch to be the focal point of your living room.

Our favorite picks for the best mid century couches are going to provide you with plenty of choice for your home.

Check them out!

How We Chose Our Faves

  • Range of choice. There had to be a few options available to us, after all, we all want to feel special, right?
  • Customization options. Not every couch is customizable but we give extra points when they are.
  • Value for money. We’ve got couches here from $200 to $100,000. They aren’t all cheap but they are all value for money.
  • Built to last. Wherever possible, we’ve tried to include couches from quality providers that ought to last for many years.
  • Aesthetic appeal. They also have to look great. We don’t want to put an eyesore into the living room, do we? 


The Wayfair sister site has a huge selection of sofas and many of them are replete with mid sentury style, in fact, we can barely find one that isn’t.

One thing we particularly like about their designs is that they offer the kind of fabrics that make them feel authentic. E.g. leather, velvet, tweed, etc.


1. Reasonable pricing and some great options for less than $1,000

2. Backed by the Wayfair brand and lots of authentic choices


1. Definitely a “mass market” option and that makes it harder to be unique

2. Not the greatest reputation for after sale customer care


Yes, Amazon! They have tons of options for really attractive mid century sofas and couches and what’s even better is that many of them are super low cost. It’s fair to say that no matter what type of couch you want, they have it. 

It’s important to remember that with Amazon, you’re dealing with potentially hundreds of brands and many of them won’t be exactly eco-friendly, though. 


1. Massive range of choice of Mid Century Sofas

2. A lot of low cost options that you can’t find elsewhere


1. Many suppliers will not be eco-friendly 

2. You may or may not be able to rely on manufacturer aftercare with these vendors


If you’re looking for a halfway point between the expense of a truly custom-made product and the mass production engines of companies like Amazon, then Kardiel is a good choice.

They are all about small-batch manufacturing which means you’re unlikely to run into the same choice in a friend’s living room. Their couches are usually super chic too. 


1. Scandi-style is something that we really love and it’s done well here

2. You can really make a statement with one of these pieces


1. They’re a bit more expensive than some of our other options

2. Some customers have reported issues getting their warranty service resolved

Inside Weather

We’re huge fans of Inside Weather and their Mid Century Couches. They’re drawn from a larger range of totally customizable sofas that you can configure completely to your taste.

They also use sustainably sourced materials and best of all, they make everything in the USA. And if you’re still not sure? They back their products with a full money back guarantee for a year after delivery!


1. Sustainably sourced and made in the USA

2. The money back guarantee is an incredible deal


1. There are only 9 sofa styles to choose from in total

2. They’re quite expensive because they’re made to order

Industry West

There’s a modern edge to the mid century aesthetic at Industry West and we like it. It makes their sofas feel fresh and exciting while they lose nothing of their classic appeal. 

If you want something sophisticated and made out of gorgeous and top quality materials then these couches will quite fit the bill. 


1. A unique aesthetic appeal that screams class and distinction

2. Really high-quality materials used in production these sofas will last


1. High quality means a high price, sadly

2. Some customers report issues with late shipping (we did not experience this)

Design Within Your Reach (DWR)

This extraordinary range of sofas includes pieces designed by the famous Knoll and Eames and we can’t imagine anyone leaving Design Within Your Reach unhappy with their sofa choice.

However, there’s no doubt that these designs are built to last from the highest quality materials. They’re also practically art installations. And thus, they command a very high price. 


1. There may be no more iconic Mid Century Couches in America

2. Spectacular quality and they’re built to last for generations to come


1. Extremely pricey, not for most ordinary mortals, sadly, including us

2. Another company with quite a few complaints about their aftercare


We’ve said it before, but Burrow is a comfy disruption in the home furniture market and their couches are just another example of their engineering brilliance.

This combined with real care for their customers, reasonable pricing, and an ethical approach to sourcing and manufacturing is a huge win for everyone. 


1. One of the best companies for aftercare out there

2. Shipping and assembly is super convenient


1. Not the cheapest option on the market

2. Not as much choice as some of the bigger brands 


If you need a mid century sofa in a rush and you don’t want to use Amazon then Apt2B could be the perfect port of call for you.

They can usually ship to your door within just 5 days of placing an order and shipping is free! They also have plenty of other pieces to complement your sofa. 


1. They have most items in stock and that means no waiting

2. You won’t have to pay extra for shipping, either


1. Not much in the way of customization options 

2. A bit “mass produced” compared to some of the other options here


When we first came across Joybird, we said they were custom furniture done right. We haven’t changed our minds, in fact, we can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Their couches are some of the best that we’ve ever seen and given that they’re made to order, they’re also very affordable. 


1. Made to order – customize away and go mad with it!

2. Very affordable for a custom made sofa


1. Not as many design choices as with some of the bigger names

2. You will have to wait longer for a custom built sofa than an off-the-shelf one, it’s worth it, though


Please don’t collapse breathing heavily if you see a Mid Century Sofa going for 100K or more on 1stDibs, some of their items are authentic antiques.

But if you gloss over the insanely expensive, you can find stuff that is superb quality for a much more reasonable price. 


1. A custom shopping experience that makes you feel special

2. An incredible range of the best quality products


1. You can spend as much on a sofa here as many people spend on a house

2. You need to shop quickly, once something is sold, it’s gone for good


If you’re looking for something more reasonably priced then Castlery’s a great place to go shopping for Mid Century Couches at.

You shouldn’t need to spend much more than $1,000 and their range is really nice. However, watch out for the super short 14-day return window which is way lower than most other furniture stores.


1. Very nice range of comfortable sofas at an affordable price

2. Good quality workmanship


1. 14-day returns window is pretty poor

2. Materials are not pet-proof let your dog up on the couch at your own peril


We’d put Article firmly in the mid-range of Mid Century Couch providers, they’ve got a nice range of couches for sale and they’re not overly expensive.

To qualify for free shipping you have to spend $999 but most of their sofas are going to easily beat that. 


1. High end brand at relatively affordable prices
2. Nice selection of Mid Century Sofas


1. No customer reviews on their website when we went looking

2. Some complaints online about getting repairs after the warranty expires

If you’re in the market for a stylish mid century couch there’s no doubt that these brands have what you need.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, either, there’s something for everyone. So, why not pick out your new couch, today?