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16 Best Home Decor Brands For 2024, According To Stylists

Americans will spend over 28 billion dollars on home decor this year. Our homes are our castles.

If you’re going to spend that kind of dough you deserve the best! We surveyed over 1000 stylists to compile this short list of the very best home decor brands out there.


Parachute began as a bedding brand but has long since expanded into other areas of homeware and their home decor items really stand out.

They are fairly priced and they never use harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

We think most people are likely to be very impressed by the aesthetic that they create from the finest raw materials.


Aerin is Aerin Lauder’s brand and she began it back in 2012 when she was inspired to recreate something of her childhood, spent in Vienna, in New York.

Of course, with the Estee Lauder family name behind her, she couldn’t go wrong really and there’s no doubt that there’s something of her grandmother’s “gold is modern neutral” to be found here.

But the full range is something spectacular to behold, if very much luxurious in nature.


The Citizenry

We like the way that The Citizenry has committed to sourcing its products from a global range of master artisans who are all paid decent wages and who work in good environments.

Everything that they make is produced in limited editions which not only ensures a premium level of quality but also, potentially, collectability in future years.

We love the international appeal of this brand, there’s just so much to choose from and it’s all great.

the citizenry

August Sage

August Sage believes that everyone deserves a beautiful life and they work with master artisans to create pieces that you can forge a deep connection with and, in turn, to nature, the cultures, and communities in the places they were made.

They encourage everyone to “live vibrantly” and express themselves in their home furniture in the way they would through their clothing.

august sage


Goodee isn’t a shop so much as it is a curated marketplace where homeware products from many different brands are given the space to connect with consumers.

We like it because they believe in and support the circular economy and ensure some of the profits are returned to the communities that their products come from.

Once we’d decided on which type of couch to buy for our home, Goodee was where we went to accessorize it.

goodee furniture

Fourth Street Home

Fourth Street is an Australian company that blends modern antique pieces from many different designers under the leadership of its founder Rukaiya Daud.

They seek to elevate people by using inspirational and exciting objects made from sophisticated materials.

The good news is that they ship worldwide and you can really dive into the history of each piece before you purchase it. 



One thing we’re certain of is that not everyone has a huge amount of money to lavish on home decor, but that everyone deserves beautiful things.

For those on a modest budget, Anthropologie will be happy to deliver beautiful things that don’t break the bank.

In fact, last time we shopped at Anthropologie we bought more lighting from one of our favorite online lighting stores so that we could display it better!


Saffron And Poe

Saffron and Poe are based in Mill Valley in California and they’re not just about home decor, they’re also about uplifting the people who make the products that they sell.
They guarantee that each item in their collection is made by hand, from sustainable materials, and from an ethical manufacturer.

They say each piece has a story to tell about the person who made it and the culture it came from, we agree. 

saffron and poe


Article was one of the first home decor brands to get into the direct-to-consumer space and they’ve been super successful with more than a quarter of a million pieces sold in North America to date!

We like their mid-century and contemporary styled ranges which are very reasonably priced and use nothing but high-quality workmanship to deliver great value and style.

Just be warned, shopping at Article is addictive, we know from personal experience.


Food 52

Yes, it sounds like a kitchen website and that’s because that’s how it started life but now? Food 52 caters (excuse the pun) to the whole home and they’re really good at it

One thing that really impresses us with Food 52 is the huge resource of articles that offer inspiration and the community that they’ve built around their brand.

If you want to talk about your love of beautiful things, Food 52 can help you connect over the things you’ve bought, and that’s really awesome.

food 52


Everything at Joybird is handcrafted and it’s all gorgeous too, they go from home decor all the way through to full furniture items (by the way if you’re looking for furniture too, you might want to check out our best online furniture stores, they rock).

Their pieces tend to draw on the Mid-Century Movement and they are reminiscent of the things we loved most about our parents’ and grandparents’ homes as we grew up.

And surprisingly, the price tags are very reasonable indeed. You can’t go wrong with Joybird.


Beam Brooklyn

Beam scours the globe to bring you mid-century meets rock and roll with a splash of Cali and a touch of Brooklyn home decor.

That might sound complicated but their pieces are delightfully simple and if you like top-notch design with a touch of the truly unique, they’ve got it.
Their love of under-the-radar brands means there’s always something exciting and new at Beam. 

beam brooklyn


We’re not all seeking something from a bygone era, some of us want the ultra-modern in our homes and that’s the space that CB2 has mastered.

They’ve got virtually everything you need in terms of home decor and for every room in your home and the prices are perfectly OK too.

If you’re undertaking a big project then they also offer free design services where they can help your vision of a space come to life!


Hay Design

Hay originates in Denmark though there’s not much of an Ikea feel to their home decor, thankfully, instead, they’ve opted for playful and functional as their main aesthetic.

They believe that collaboration is what makes for the best furnishings and that these go on to create the small moments that truly matter in life.

They work with new materials, new technologies and new ideas and the best people worldwide to constantly innovate and create long-lasting, high quality products that are relevant to your life. 

hay design

Johanna Howard Home

Johanna hails from Sweden and her style is all about elegant and beautiful pieces that take your breath away when you see them.

To achieve this she works with artisan craftspeople on a global basis and seeks to ensure that they blend their ideas with her refined composition to push each piece to the next level.

It’s also worth noting that this business is black-owned, female-owned, and family-owned and you can’t go wrong with that. 

johanna howard

Slowdown Studio

As you might have guessed by the brand name, this Australian designer is all about leading a slower more comfortable life and each item that Slowdown Studio makes is both beautiful and functional.

You can unleash your own individuality with pieces from this collection and show that you are your own modern lifestyle brand.

slow down studio

These home decor brands represent the best styles and value on the US market today.

If you’re looking to make a change at home, then you have to check out these brands before you commit to buy anything, or you’ll just be cheating yourself.