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10 Home Audio Speaker Brands We Recommend

The best investment you can make in your home sound system is in the speakers, unless you have speakers that can deliver great sound, reliably, all other investments are wasted.

But how can you be sure that the money you spend on speakers is an investment rather than just a cost?

By buying speakers from our best home audio speaker brands. 

They’ve all got long, established reputations for delivering excellence and at a range of prices to suit all budgets too.


Best Home Audio Speaker Brands A2+ Home Music System

Audioengine has been making speakers since 2005 and their goal is to ensure that their products sound great and are so easy-to-use that you want to listen to music every day. 

Their core range is of powered speakers which are ideal for use with computers, on stands in living rooms, and as part of a home theater setup.

However, they also make passive and wireless speakers too to ensure that all your speaker needs are covered. They also made our list of the best bookshelf speakers

Examples Of Our Favorite AudioEngine Products:

  • HD4 Home Music System – with nearly every type of connection (including Bluetooth for wireless) this affordable speaker system brings top-quality stereo to any room you like
  • A2+ Home Music System – these premium powered speakers can connect directly to any device and bring out a rich, pleasant sound.


Wave Music System IV

Bose is a behemoth of the speaker industry but their corporate values and high-quality engineering principles ensure they remain one of the best.

They have a passion for creating new and innovative approaches to speaker technology and aim to deliver excellence in everything they do.

We also like that they focus on integrity in their business dealings, they’re a speaker company whose service you can rely on. 

Examples Of Our Favorite Bose Products:

  • The Lifestyle Home Entertainment System – if you want an all-in-one approach to sound in your living room, you can’t go wrong with this, as long as you have the budget for it
  • Wave Music System IV – sometimes, you just want something neat and compact and the Wave system is the ideal entertainment system for a small room where you still want good sound


JBL BassPro Go

If you’re looking for a less expensive speaker that you can rely on then JBL (which stands for James Bullough Lansing) is always a good place to start. 

They’re an American company with nearly 100 years of experience producing speakers and audio equipment (particularly headphones).

We’ve always found them to be a solid brand with products that deliver excellent results despite their relatively low cost. 

Examples Of Our Favorite JBL Products:

  • JBL Bar 2.1 – this soundbar is an excellent addition or starting place for a home cinema system and it certainly won’t break the bank
  • JBL BassPro Go – when you want a subwoofer that lets your bass sound like it’s coming straight from the underground, this is an excellent starting place


The Fives Powered Speakers

Klipsch is another American brand and this time, it was founded by Paul W Klipsch in Hope, Arkansas in a “tin shed”. 

Even the company’s own website describes Paul as a “genius and madman” but it’s fair to say that the genius won out and the brand has become one of the world’s best for speakers. 

The Klipschorn is his greatest achievement, and it remains the only speaker in constant production for more than 70 years! 

Examples Of Our Favorite Klipsch Products:

  • Surround 3 Speakers – when you want a pair of speakers for surround for your home theater system, these will provide crystal-clear audio at a sensible price. 
  • The Fives Powered Speakers – they’re a little pricey but the audio quality is just insane, when you want powered speakers that really pack a punch, these are a great choice. 


LS50 Wireless II.

KEF is a technology-first kind of company and that means their products tend to be on the cutting edge of speaker tech. 

They say that the software they use to design their speakers is also used to run about 85% of the world’s supercomputers!

Their research has been widely hailed by the industry including by the Institute of Acoustics and the Audio Engineering Society. 

Examples Of Our Favorite KEF Products:

  • Q550 Floorstanding Speaker. These speakers are gorgeous to look at and surprisingly reasonably priced (for KEF) they fill a room with clean, vibrant sound. 
  • LS50 Wireless II. This is an all-in-one speaker system with just two speakers, it’s not cheap but it is absolutely amazing if you need a fully wireless option and money’s no object, this is it. 

Definitive Technology

The D5c.

Definitive Technology says they are obsessed with delivering “flawless sound”, we don’t think we’re skilled enough to define “flawless” but their products sound fantastic.

They’re based out of Maryland where they’ve spent the last 30 years working to become the number one premium speaker brand in America. 

Their offering began with just home theatres but now? It encompasses nearly every type of speaker that you can think of and a few that you may not even have known existed too. 

Examples Of Our Favorite Definitive Technology Products:

  • The D5c. This is our favorite center channel loudspeaker of all time and we love that it comes in both white and black to make it easy to match with your home. 
  • The AW6500. If you need a speaker that you can put in your garden and not worry about if it starts to rain? That’s the AW6500 and it produces incredible sound in all weathers. 

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins)

801 D4

B&W was founded by John Bowers back in the 1960s and they say that his drive and passion for audio excellence lives on in everyone in the company, even now, 30 years after he died.

In the 1970s, B&W was the top choice of reference speaker in the world’s recording studios and from there the company has gone from strength to strength. 

They released the Formation range in 2019, with the intent of it being the last word in cable-free listening experiences. 

Examples Of Our Favorite B&W Products:

  • 801 D4. This floor-standing speaker is one of the most incredible sound systems in the world, but we’d note that, at this price, it’s one that we sadly can’t afford for our own homes.
  • Formation Bass. Not everything B&W makes is beyond the means of mortal men, the formation system is very reasonably priced and this bass unit makes us dance for joy, literally. 


Kanta No 3

Focal’s aim is to produce speakers that honor the artist’s form of expression and create as “true” a listening experience as possible. 

The company has been making speakers that deliver on this promise for nearly 40 years now and their sound is a favorite among music lovers and music makers alike. 

They say that when we listen to music, it should be a moment of privilege where the music is respect and our emotions are aroused. We think they’ve got that nailed. 

Examples Of Our Favorite Focal Products:

  • Kanta No 3. The bold design of these floor-standing speakers is so good that it makes you want to take them home and if you do? Put them in a large room and you’ll have no regrets. 
  • Dome Flax. This home cinema system speaker set is ideal for a medium to large room and has no cables whatsoever. And it sounds sublime. 


Home cinema

Founded in 1985, Quested began as the benchmark for studio monitoring systems and high-end luxury residential places. 

They’ve become the brand name that the rich and famous rely on and they’re also now a big name in high-end home cinema speakers too. 

They’re designed and manufactured in Great Britain and they can ship their products worldwide. 

Examples Of Our Favorite Quested Products:

  • Custom speaker systems. Don’t expect this to come cheap but if you want a speaker system that is custom designed for your space, Quested is the place to go. 
  • Home cinema. If you practically live in your home cinema then you might also consider Quested’s home cinema systems, also, not cheap. 


Evoke 50

Dynaudio hails from Skanderborg, Denmark and they’ve been making speakers for over 40 years now. 

They are owned by Goertek Inc. one of the world’s leading producers of Bluetooth equipment which means that they have a distinct advantage when it comes to making wireless speakers.

They say that their efficiency and precision in engineering bring you the best and most authentic audio experience where every detail has been given meticulous attention. 

Examples Of Our Favorite Dynaudio Products:

  • Evoke 50. This floor-standing speaker is great in medium to large rooms and its good looks are only matched by the quality of the sound output.
  • Contour 25Ci. Surround sound from a single unit? That’s what you get here and it will look amazing in any room in your home too. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Home Audio Speaker Brands

There are many different speaker brands out there to choose from but only the best of them made our list. 

That means when you buy from these vendors, you can be sure that you’ll get the kind of sound quality you deserve. 

That’s not all when it comes to speakers though, we’re also big fans of House of Marley and you might want to check out the best smart speakers of the year too.