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14 Best Direct To Consumer Furniture Brands

In the bad old days, buying furniture was hard and it meant endless haggling with greedy salespeople bent on a huge commission check.

Today with our best direct to consumer furniture brands, you can upgrade the quality of your furniture, pay less for it and never deal with a salesperson again. 

How We Chose Our Best Direct To Consumer Furniture Brands

We chose our best direct to consumer furniture brands on the following basis:

  • Value for money. They’re not all cheap but they are all outstanding value for money and the pieces you buy will last for many years.
  • Sustainability. Where possible we wanted brands that work with Mother Nature rather than against her.
  • American made. Not just American made but hand made where possible and if not, American made, then some local sourcing at a minimum.
  • Design aesthetics. Who wants ugly furniture? Not us, that’s for sure and we’ve assumed you want some real style in your home too.
  • Clear delivery options. Delivery doesn’t have to be free (though it’s nice when it is) but it does have to be clearly priced with no hidden costs. It also has to be reasonably priced.
  • Customer service. It’s not enough for a company to make great products, they’ve also got to be amazing when things go wrong with a product. These brands have service you can rely on.

Our Best Direct To Consumer Furniture Brands

Maiden Home 

Maiden Home 

Maiden Home is an All-American brand that was founded back in 2015. They’re based in North Carolina and every piece they sell is made by a craftsperson with long-experience. 

They only use high quality materials and that is reflected in their premium pricing but we’d estimate you’re paying thousands less than you would in a showroom thanks to their direct to consumer model. 

They offer almost every kind of furniture from beds to sofas. It takes up to 2 months to deliver a piece from order as it has to be made as well as shipped. 

Check out Maiden Home here.

Floyd Home

Floyd Home

We’re huge fans of Floyd because of their commitment to put an end to the fast-furniture market and to build items that last for generations and create no waste at the end of their life.

They’re based in Detroit, Michigan and they tend to partner with other American companies to ensure that each piece you buy is perfectly tailored to your needs by experts. 

If you want to see their furniture before you buy, they do have some showpieces scattered throughout stores nationwide. 

Check out Floyd Home here.

Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas

As the name suggests, Simplicity Sofas specialize in sofas and like Maiden Home, they’re based in North Carolina.

We really admire the fact that they tend to source all their materials domestically where possible and currently around 90% of everything they use is made in the USA.

We really like their timeless, classic designs and the clever tactic that means they can all fit through the narrowest of doorways too. They’re perfect for apartment living. 

Check out Simplicity Sofas here.

Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan Bassett

An American brand based in both North Carolina and Virginia, Vaughan-Bassett has been making top quality furniture for over 100 years now!

They source all their wood locally and sutainably and every tree that they use to make their furniture is replanted in sustainable woodlands.

Their experience in the furniture game is obvious when you see the huge range of styles that they can offer their customers. 

Check out Vaughan Bassett here.



One of our new favorite furniture brands is Stickley, though they’re not new, they’ve been making amazing furniture for nearly 120 years!

They are all about hardwoods and high quality upholstery and the vast majority of their pieces are handmade in either New York or North Carolina.

However, let’s not beat about the bush, this kind of pedigree comes at a price and you need deep pockets to fill your home with Stickley products. 

Check out Stickley here.

Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios

Yes, Vermont Woods Studios are all about the wood. Their range of wooden furniture uses wood that is sourced from North American sustainable forests. 

They also ensure that all the wood they use is harvested in a manner that protects animal habitats and the health of the forest it is drawn from!

Vermont Woods Studios make furniture to order and if it can be made out of wood, the odds are very good that they can make it for you. And if they do? It will come with a lifetime warranty. 

Check out Vermont Woods Studios here.

Eastvold Furniture

Eastvold Furniture

You might not expect to find a top quality furniture company in Minnesota but that’s where Eastvold Furniture hails from. 

They are a small company which specializes in modern furniture styling and they’re really good at it. They only offer five collections which show off their skills to the max.

If you’re all about the contemporary look, then they won’t let you down. 

Check out Eastvold Furniture here.

The Joinery

The Joinery

Portland’s The Joinery is all about customization and they can really make sure that every piece they make is truly unique. 

We love the fact that they use an eco-friendly process for delivery and manufacturing to minimize their impact on the environment.

They’re also committed to using renewable energy and to ensuring that their wood waste is repurposed rather than thrown out!

Check out The Joinery here.



Burrow was one of the first brands that we showcased here on Slick Living and we’re huge fans because they make life so much easier for furniture buyers.

Their direct to consumer approach has been a big disruptor of the furniture market in the United States. 

We’re also big fans of their modular approach to furniture which reduces shipping costs and the hassles of moving and setting up furniture once you receive it. And that shipping? It’s free. 

Check out Burrow here.



San Fran’s Fryn doesn’t want to make furniture for today, they want to make furniture that you’ll want to leave to your children and their children, in turn.

They say that furniture is part of what brings us together as families and friends and it ought to last for generations to help tell the story of the people who use it.

They’ve also got a strong track record of eco-consciousness and they use sustainable lumber and all their packages are recyclable! 

Check out Fyrn here.

Albany Park

Albany Park

When you need furniture in a hurry with the minimum of fuss and which can easily be moved up tight staircases into an apartment – you need Albany Park.

Their products are high-end and handmade and they’re designed for you to be able to put them together, when they arrive, in minutes. 

We really like the high-quality materials that they use and we feel that Albany Park products are likely to be very hard-wearing. 

Check out Albany Park here.

The Inside

The Inside

When you want a ridiculous amount of customization on any product that you order, The Insider is there waiting with the solution.

You can customize just their sofa design with over 600 options! And unbelievably, this won’t take months, even though every piece is made from scratch after an order is placed. 

In fact, most of their products are delivered at a very reasonable overall price in just a few weeks!

Check out The Inside here.

Dims Home

Dims Home

Dims comes from California’s Culver City and they’ve only been around for a few years but that’s OK by us, because they offer great pieces at a sensible price.

Each piece is genuinely unique and you can find things from some of the world’s best known and up and coming designers.

One thing we love about Dims Home is that they insist that each piece must be made from wood that comes from a sustainably managed forest. 

Check out Dims Home here.



Our verdict on Joybird was “Custom Furniture Done Right” when we first encountered them and we haven’t changed our minds. 

Everything you order from them begins as the raw materials and then they make it in the way that you want it. 

They’re experts at Mid-Century movement pieces and a Joybird piece may be as close as most of us can get to living in a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home. 

Check out Joybird here.

Final Thoughts On The Best Direct To Consumer Furniture Brands

We used to hate shopping for furniture and it was only our love of a comfy home that could persuade us to endure pushy salespeople and schlepping around endless showrooms. 

Now? The direct to consumer model means that we get the best deals, from the privacy of our own living rooms, with no hassle and every piece in our home has been customized to our needs.

That’s why everyone should check out these best direct to consumer furniture brands before they buy another thing for their home.