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20 American Made Furniture Brands For 2024

Buying American-made is good for the economy but it’s also good for you and for the planet.

Locally made products require less shipping than those made overseas and those savings can be passed on to you.

Many American companies now use direct-to-consumer business models which also result in savings to you and these best American-made furniture brands all make beautiful furniture too.


Dims works on a really interesting business model. They’re based out of Los Angeles and have been around since 2017.

The way they work is for designers to pitch their ideas to the Dims team. If they accept it, they produce the design and pay the designers royalties.

This ensures that new talent can gain experience and a reputation without having to fund their own lines. 

You’re going to love the pricing at Dims too and it’s all American-made. 

Check out Dims here.

dims sofas and couches

Maiden Home

Maiden Home is a direct-to-consumer wholly American-made brand. 

This business model cuts out the middleman and means more of every dollar that you spend goes on furniture and craftsmanship than salespeople’s commissions.

They’re based in North Carolina and they produce everything using American craftspeople with decades of experience. 

Check out Maiden Home here.

maiden home


Stickley is all about high-end wooden furniture and its designs look like they’ve stepped right off the pages of My Modern Met.

Their products, in the main, are made in New York and North Carolina.

However, be warned this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap.

Check out Stickley here.



We’re big fans of Floyd here at Slick Living!

Not only are they manufacturing in Detroit but their objective is to end disposable furniture.

Given how much furniture ends up landfill every year, we can only congratulate them on their ambition. 

Check out Floyd here.

floyd furniture

Vermont Woods Studio

Yes, as the name suggests, Vermont Woods Studio specializes in American-made wooden furniture.

They only use wood from sustainably managed North American forests.

Not only can you customize any of their designs to your tastes but every product is given a lifetime warranty on both materials and craftsmanship!

Check out Vermont Woods Studio here.

vermont woods

Simplicity Sofas

When you want a great American-made sofa, you have to check out Simplicity Sofas who are specialists in comfy living rooms. 

Not only do they make the products in the United States but most of their sourcing is done locally too, which cuts down on carbon emissions even more. 

Check out Simplicity Sofas here.

simplicity sofas

Eastvold Furniture

If you love the Mid-Century aesthetic as much as we do, then you’re going to love Minnesota’s Eastvold Furniture.

Every single piece is made by hand and looks amazing in a well-designed contemporary home. Don’t miss out on them. 

Check out Eastvold Furniture here.



With over 100 years of experience making furniture in America, Vaughan-Bassett is a brand that you can really rely on.

They make everything in Virginia and North Carolina and cater to a wealth of different style choices.

We love that they source local wood and replant every tree that they use to manufacture furniture with. 

Check out Vaughan-Bassett here.

Vaughan Bassett

The Joinery

Portland’s The Joinery is all about being able to customize your own furniture choices and you can pick from 5 different types of wood and a near endless amount of upholstery and handle choices. 

They use renewable energy to supply their manufacturing facilities and are dedicated to keeping any wood waste to an absolute minimum. 

Check out The Joinery here.

the joinery


Burrow was one of the first furniture brands that we featured on Slick Living and it’s a wonderful combination of American-made and ethical, sustainable practices that makes Burrow stand out from the crowd.

Where Burrow excel is in couches and sofas and the wood used in their production is grown in the USA and certified sustainable by the FSC, SFI and the ATFS! 

The modular design also means that they can use standard shipping boxes to keep shipping costs down too. 

Check out Burrow here.

burrow furniture

Benchmade Modern

Custom made furniture does not mean you have to wait forever for it and Benchmade Modern has a target of under 3 weeks for each piece!

Their products are built in Dallas and Los Angeles and are designed by Edgar Blazona who has more than 25 years earned in the furniture industry. 

They offer some nice free tools to help you check out whether their sofas will fit or look right in your space too. 

Check out Benchmade Modern here.

benchmade modern


Allform say making furniture in the USA is a logical decision because it ensures that every piece is made to a very high standard with real consistency. 

Their artisans have decades of experience and make heavy-duty pieces that are fully sustainable.

They also note that making products in the USA means that shipping times are kept to a minimum for you too. 

Check out Allform here.

allform furniture

Inside Weather

Inside Weather is from San Francisco and their design team works in the same warehouse that everything is eventually shipped from.

You get the facility to fully customize every single aspect of their furniture and you can do it online. 

They only make furniture to order but you won’t have to wait too long for it. They say that this keeps their costs down and their wastage at almost nothing. 

What’s not to like about that?

Check out Inside Weather here.

inside weather furniture

Medley Home

Medley Home hails from California where all their products are handmade. They say they place a real emphasis on quality and comfort with every piece.

We love that they can completely customize each piece and the average lead time is still less than 2 months (door-to-door). 

They use eco-friendly, non-toxic and locally sourced materials to ensure that you get a kind piece of furniture. 

And they can offer a 100-day no-risk home trial on any major item. 

Check out Medley Home here.

medley home

The Inside

Having American-made custom furniture does not mean you need to be the richest man in America. That’s the driving force behind The Inside.

They say that they can offer a “cookie cutter price” on any great item by only building to order, doing so in low cost parts of America and ensuring delivery within 3 weeks!

This zero inventory approach ensures that they’re not wasting time, effort, materials or labor and they can pass those cost savings onto you and they do. 

Check out The Inside here.

the inside


All Campaign’s materials are 100% recyclable though only a certain percentage are also locally sourced. 

However, their products are all made-in-America and better still? They are designed to last, at least, 10 times longer than a standard product in that class.

So, if you buy from Campaign, you should be able to pass the furniture on to your grandchildren and they’ll get years of enjoyment out of it too. 

Check out Campaign here.



Hailing from North Carolina, Sabai is kind of an eco-friendly and American-made IKEA equivalent and yes, that means, they’re super affordable.

One of the big keys to Sabai’s low cost model is their insistence on recycled and sustainable materials throughout their production.

They also don’t use plastics in packaging and every packaging container is also made of recycled materials. 

Check out Sabai here.

sabai sabai


We can’t get over how beautiful Fyrn products are. That they’re also handmade and made in the USA? That makes them one of our favorite furniture brands of all time.

By using high quality materials, Fyrn says that you’re building more sustainable furniture because it won’t wear out and need replacing. 

We like that all their materials are sourced in the USA and have been certified as environmentally friendly too. 

Check out Fyrn here.



Emblem is a relative newcomer to the US furniture market but everything is made and designed in California and it’s all built to last.

Their philosophy is to create awesome pieces for high-use environments, so if your office is revamping its lobby – you want to use Emblem chairs.

It only takes three weeks for them to deliver from the moment that you place the order, which is super impressive. 

Check out Emblem here.


Bend Goods

As the name suggests, Bend is about wire furniture. Their products are totally functional and often bright and brash too.

Everything is created and made in Los Angeles and they use recycled iron and their own shaping process to deliver hard-wearing, beautiful pieces. 

In fact, they’re so enduring that they make great pieces for outdoor use as well as indoors. 

Check out Bend Goods here.

bend goods

Final Thoughts On The Best American Made Furniture Brands

There are so many great American made furniture brands that it was super hard to choose our favorites but we’re positive that each brand on this list represents quality and value for money.

That means you can get what you want at the best price and by being kinder to the planet. Win-win, right?