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Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks

Top Choices for Indoor Trees In 2023

best indoor trees

Our quest for the best indoor trees was no shady endeavor. Indoor trees are basically defined as types of houseplants that are similar to traditional outdoor trees but much smaller.Simple. That makes them perfect to nurture and care for in…

Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy interiors

What could be more important than happiness? The world around us is confusing, angry and often oppressive, shouldn’t we have somewhere that we are free to dwell in beauty and to be happy? Well, that’s the philosophy behind Apartment Therapy…

Small Space Living Primer

small spaces

Small space living is the way forward for many of us in urban communities. It’s one of many solutions to overcrowding. It’s a greener, brighter (cheaper), more sustainable living arrangement with a positive impact on society and the planet. And,…