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Arhaus Makes Eco-Friendly Artisan Furniture In The USA

If there’s a problem as thorny as fast fashion is for the planet, it’s probably fast furniture. 

You see, the vast majority of the furniture that is produced today is not made from environmentally friendly materials, it’s made using unethical labor practices, and worst of all? 

It’s made to throw away. 

The vast majority of furniture is simply sent to landfills rather than recycled or reused. 

That’s where Arhaus comes in. 

About Arhaus


Arhaus is different because it looks to use a green initiative program to ensure that, wherever possible, the artisans that make their furniture do so from sustainably sourced, reclaimed, and recycled materials. 

They say they take pride in “giving new life to what would otherwise be discarded.”

They are also committed to diverse hiring and sourcing practices and want everyone to know they are welcome at Arhaus no matter their age, background, race or gender. 

Why We Love Arhaus

 Kipton Leather Rolled Arm Sofa

The ethical stance is what brought us to Arhaus, what makes us stay, on the other hand, is the incredible quality of their work. 

Their use of multiple American artisan sources results in gorgeous objects like this Kipton Leather Rolled Arm Sofa or this stylish Carrinna Coffee Table that you’d be proud to place in any room of your home. 

And that’s the critical thing with furniture; sustainability is nice but good looks are essential.

Final Thoughts

Arhaus delivers good looks and sustainability at reasonable prices and it’s made by artisans from the United States, you really can’t go wrong with their furniture. 

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You can check out Arhaus online here.