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Apartment Therapy

What could be more important than happiness?

The world around us is confusing, angry and often oppressive, shouldn’t we have somewhere that we are free to dwell in beauty and to be happy?

Well, that’s the philosophy behind Apartment Therapy – a way to make our homes, our castles once more.

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The Background

The idea for Apartment Therapy came in 2001 when an interior designer, Maxwell Ryan, started sending out a newsletter to his clients on a weekly basis.

It was so popular that in 2004, the newsletter became his business and Apartment Therapy was now a media company promoting happiness and beauty at home.

Today, in 2020, they have an audience of over 20 million people tuning in each month on the website, picking up their newsletter and getting involved on social media. This is an idea that has really resonated with the way people feel.

The Daily Briefing

One of the coolest things about Apartment Therapy is the “House Tour”, this takes place on a daily basis and is a look inside real reader’s homes with a new home (or homes) featuring.

You can see what inspires those people to feel amazing at home and you can learn from them too.

You don’t need to worry about this turning out expensive, either.

There’s a nice range of budgets catered to and even when times are tough, there are ways to make your life more beautiful to be in that won’t cost a fortune.

Apartment Therapy

The Man Behind It: Maxwell Ryan

The “Apartment Therapist” is Maxwell Ryan. He’s published many best-selling books and his company now runs many different sites dedicated to everything from green decorating to cookery!

He now oversees a large team that is meant to bring you the best in apartment therapy and it really works!

The Shop

Shopping is a bit different when you use Apartment Therapy.

Instead of buying from them, you buy from a huge range of other vendors that they’ve brought together under one virtual roof.

This means you can always access their ideas but choose the suppliers that you are most comfortable using. Enjoy!

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