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Abode: Thoughtful Living with Less

We love cool collections of beautifully designed things. For example, we’ve featured Apartment Therapy, Swiss-Miss and Design-Milk on the site for their curations of the beautiful. 

And now, we turn to Abode: Thoughtful Living With Less by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter and it’s much more than just a minimalist home styling manual. 


Abode: Professional Experience

The authors aren’t offering opinions that they’ve pulled from the ether but rather ones that they’ve developed running one of California’s most respected stores.

This book is all about how to live California cool, no matter where you live in the world and to achieve it on a sensible budget and with a real respect for the benefits of minimalism.

A Guide To The Better Life

This book is full of beautiful rooms, masterpieces of minimal style, so that you can see how to bring elemental materials, gorgeous handcrafting and craftsman-like pieces together to create something truly special. 

In short, they show us all exactly how we could live if we wanted to live our best lives, right her, right now. 

Don’t miss out on this excellent book and the abodes that have become works of art within.